Ketanji Brown Jackson Quote: Testimony in Her Supreme Court Nomination Hearing Opening Remarks

U.S. Supreme Court nominee and federal appeals court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson smiles during a meeting with U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., April 4, 2022. REUTERS/Michael A. McCoy

In a 53-47 vote, the Senate confirmed Jackson to the Supreme Court on April 7. There are 48 Democratic senators, two independent senators, and two Republican senators in the Senate. Her confirmation was supported by Susan Collins (ME), Mitt Romney (UT), and Lisa Murkowski (AK).

On the D.C. Circuit Court, the 51-year-old is currently a federal appeals judge; he formerly worked as a federal district judge, a public defender, and a member of the US Sentencing Commission.

Jackson will succeed Justice Stephen Breyer, who is set to retire at the end of the current term and is the second-longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court (in late June or early July). After Breyer formally steps down, Jackson can be sworn in as a justice.

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court’s new term begins on Sept. 28, Jackson is expected to preside over significant cases including voting rights, LGBTQ issues, and more.

Early Life

Brown’s Ketanji His parents, Ellery and Johnny Jackson, both public school teachers who had attended historically black institutions and universities, welcomed him into the world on September 14, 1970, in Washington, DC.

Her younger brother, Ketajh, is a former undercover narcotics officer who later served in the Maryland Army National Guard as an infantry officer. Jackson’s family relocated to Miami, Florida, where her father was a student at the University of Miami School of Law, during her early childhood.

ketanji brown jackson

In the neighborhood, she went to Miami Palmetto Senior High School. The following year, Jackson went to Harvard University, where she studied government and improvised comedy. At Harvard Law School in 1996, she earned her JD magna cum laude in 1992.

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Since she was required to be confirmed by the Senate like a federal judge or Supreme Court justice, Jackson’s appointment to the US Sentencing Commission by then-President Barack Obama may constitute her first excursion into politics.

She was unanimously confirmed by the Sentencing Commission in 2010. A major part of her work as a special counsel for the United States Sentencing Commission was redefining how crack cocaine convictions were sentenced to prison.

Ketanji Brown Jackson had been given a new federal position by President Obama in 2012. This time, he intends to nominate her to the District of Columbia’s United States District Court.

“Our views may differ, but my regard for Ketanji’s intellect, character, and integrity is unquestionable,” said Representative Paul Ryan, who is connected to Ketanji Brown Jackson through her husband and knows her personally.

As a result, President Obama nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson in December 2012, and the Senate approved her appointment in March 2013. Justice Stephen Breyer, her lifelong mentor, swore her in.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Quote:

ketanji brown jackson

  • “Among my many blessings and indeed the very first is the fact that I was born in this great country. The United States of America; the greatest beacon of hope and democracy the world has ever known.”
  • “Be open to new ideas and experiences because you’ll never know when someone else will have an interesting thought or when a new door will open to take you on the journey of your dreams.”
  • “I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunities that I’ve had in life. I believe it’s my obligation to teach my children to refrain from casting expulsions on others because of their life circumstances.”
  • “In our family, we have a mantra that emphasizes the prioritization of work over play as one of our first principles.”
  • “You can’t always expect to be the smartest person in the room but you can promise to be the hardest working.”
  • “There are also women I have never met but who are recorded in the pages of history and whose lives and struggles inspire me and thousands of other working women to keep putting one foot in front of another every day.”


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