Six Months After Her Stillbirth, Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander Reveals how She Is “pushing Forward.”

Maya Vander Sheds Light on ‘Selling Sunset’ Exit After Miscarriage: ‘Too Much to Handle’

Maya Vander is attempting to put the past six months behind her and look forward to the future. It’s common for women who have experienced a stillbirth or miscarriage to ask me how I’m doing and how I’m able to go about my day-to-day activities, and I’m happy to answer,” she wrote on Instagram on June 16.

“For me, the key to coping with the loss of a loved one is to maintain a good level of activity—a healthy distraction always keeps me going.”

What does she have to say? Try to get back into the swing of things and get your life back on track. Get out there and meet people, the 40-year-old expert said. “Get your body moving (endorphins) and talk to someone,” he said.

“I realize that the agony of loss will not go away overnight, but today is a fantastic day to begin or to continue the healing process,” I said. Dave and Maya Miller welcomed their third child last summer, which they revealed on social media.

Maya Vander Sheds Light on ‘Selling Sunset’ Exit After Miscarriage: ‘Too Much to Handle’

(Their children, Aidan, 3, and Elle, 2, are also their children.) At 38 weeks, she had a stillbirth with her son Mason, which she revealed in December.

She said on Instagram on December 10: “I always heard of it, but I never dreamed I’d be part of the statistics.” “I get to go home with a memory box instead of a baby.

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I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I’ve been through. An otherwise routine examination turned into a nightmare that I can’t imagine ever happening to me.”

In the course of time, the real estate agent became more open with her followers about her grief and how she was coping. A picture of her family smiling in front of their Christmas tree with the caption.

“This is not the Christmas Eve I had envisioned” accompanied the post. “Mason would have arrived with us on this day. My child died two weeks ago today. Despite the fact that I’m smiling in this picture, I can tell you that it’s been a challenge to maintain a positive outlook.

I’ve never felt grief in this way before. We’re taking it one day at a time, and we’re doing our best to support the children.”

Which Was Shown to A Wider Audience in May on Netflix

Maya Vander Sheds Light on ‘Selling Sunset’ Exit After Miscarriage: ‘Too Much to Handle’

A Little More Information About What Happened to Her Kid Was Revealed During the Season 5 Reunion,

There was a mix-up with the cord and some of the placentae, she explained. “However, things are looking up for me, and as you may know, I’m married. He’s a great guy. My kids are fantastic. They keep me moving.”

You can move forward even when it feels impossible to do so. “I’ve had my downs. We all do, and it’s part of the grieving process, “She went on. “It’s also a good time to raise awareness about stillbirth and pregnancy loss.

That’s why, in my opinion, I’m inspiring women, and I think it helps other women realize that they’re not the only ones going through the same thing.”


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