pslv full form

PSLV Full Form: What is Meaning, and Definition for PSLV

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pslv full form

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is the full name of this vehicle. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is building and maintaining an Indian adjustable launch vehicle. In addition to being India’s first liquid-stage satellite launch vehicle, this is the country’s third generation launch vehicle. Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites can now be launched into Sun-synchronous orbit thanks to the PSLV. A tiny GTO (geostationary transfer orbit) satellite might also be launched using this vehicle’s capabilities.

  • On February 15, 2017, India launched 104 satellites into polar orbit using the PSLV rocket.
  • From 1994 to 2017, India used the PSLV to launch 48 Indian spacecraft and 209 international satellites.
  • Also featured are the 2008 launch of Chandrayan-1 and the 2013 launch of the Spacecraft Mars Orbiter, India’s two spacecraft.
  • In the end, both of these spacecraft made it to the Moon and Mars, respectively.

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The PSLV’s technical specifications

Known as the IRS sequence of satellites, PSLV has acquired the moniker “ISRO Workhorse” for its repeated low-Earth orbit launches of many payloads.

  • The Sun-Synchronous Polar Orbits can receive up to 1,750 kg of cargo at an altitude of 600 kilometers.
  • The PSLV-G and PSLV-XL versions have six solid rocket strap-on engines fitted in the first stage to improving thrust.
  • Two stages of this four-stage launch vehicle switch between solid and liquid propulsion systems using powerful rocket motors. The second and fourth stages of a rocket are powered by liquid engines.
  • There are six solid strap-on boosters on the first stage, which is powered by the S139 solid rocket motor. Using this method, a maximum thrust of 4800 kN can be generated.
  • The PSLV’s second stage is propelled by a liquid rocket engine that may be stored on Earth.
  • When it comes to this particular engine, the Liquid Propulsion System Center is working on it. This method generates a maximum thrust of 799 kN.
  • PS3 (third stage) – The PSLV’s third stage is powered by a solid rocket motor after the atmospheric portion of the launch. 240 kN of thrust may be generated using this method.
  • PS4 (Fourth Stage): PSLV concludes with this stage. On the surface of the Earth, it has two liquid engines that can be replenished. This procedure can provide a maximum thrust of 7.6 X 2 kN.

The Full Form of PSLV

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is PSLV, which stands for PSLV. India’s PSLV is the country’s third-generation launch vehicle. For launching artificial satellites into polar orbit, this is a common rocket launcher. The Indian Space Research Organization created the PSLV. PSLV-G, PSLV – CA, and PSLV – XL are only three of the many options available.

In order to get out of Earth’s atmosphere and into orbit, an artificial satellite must be launched inside a rocket. Satellite launch vehicles (SLVs) are rockets that employ to transport satellites into orbit.

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Characteristics of PSLV

pslv full form

The main specifications of the PSLV are listed below.

  • The height of the vehicle is 44m
  • The diameter of the vehicle is 2.8 m
  • The lift of mass is 320 tonnes
  • The number of stages is 4
  • PSLV-G, PSLV-CA, and PSLV-XL are the three variants.
  • The vehicle was first launched on 20 September 1993.

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