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Best Entertainment Topics From Pro Essay Writing Services

High school, college, or university students may encounter situations where they must compose essays and speeches on entertainment topics. Although writing an essay is a reasonably straightforward process than giving a speech, it is not easy to select a compelling topic. As a result, if you need to compose an essay, consider selecting one of the entertaining speech topics we prepared(or choose an essay writing service and order an essay on these topics).

These topics will allow you to construct a strong argument while including amusing details and facts. Before that, let us see what entertainment is.

What is the most accurate way to define entertainment?

In essence, it is any activity that provides enjoyment and delight. It can be a task, an idea, an event, or anything else that causes people to feel good. It has now evolved into its own industry, with entertainment news, media, and articles becoming increasingly popular.

Topics for your essay will be easy to come up with if you read entertainment articles. However, we want to broaden your horizons and provide you with a more diverse selection. Our team has compiled a list of the best entertainment essay topics and writing prompts.

Media & Entertainment Essay Topics

  • Zoos should be prohibited because the animals used for entertainment suffer greatly.
  • Video games as a form of entertainment: advantages and disadvantages
  • The effect of violence on television on children
  • Music’s impact on people’s mental health.
  • Is a virtual world more interesting than the real world when it comes to entertainment?
  • The best entertainment activities for students.
  • Censorship in reality television shows.
  • Art and entertainment: how to get the most out of visiting art galleries?
  • Should children’s entertainment have a monetary value?
  • Reading is the best way to spend your free time: your favorite book, its summary, and analysis.
  • The Internet’s role in the growth of the entertainment industry.
  • Can you consider shopping to be a form of entertainment?
  • The importance of parental control over their children’s leisure time.
  • How can we make entertainment more meaningful?
  • Gambling as a compulsive form of entertainment and how to overcome it
  • How do TV shows shape our personalities?
  • The most strange forms of entertainment in the twenty-first century.
  • Extreme sports: are the thrills worth the risk?
  • Controlling the flow of news and information on social media: Do we have free speech?

Entertainment Writing Example Prompts

Do you need to write an entertainment essay but don’t know where to begin? Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or lost? Check out our prompts!

Below are some ideas and examples of entertainment writing:

  • The importance of leisure in our lives.

It is a broad topic that can refer to a variety of issues. Simply make a simple outline to organize all of your ideas. Explain why entertainment is so important to so many people, if not everyone. What caused it to happen? Develop each argument and provide evidence to support your position.

  • Modern entertainment vs. historical entertainment.

Write a comparison and contrast essay about how entertainment has evolved over time. Investigate the role of technology in the growth of the entertainment industry. How do you envision leisure activities in ten years?

  • Sports as entertainment: benefits and drawbacks essay.

Investigate the theme of sport as a form of entertainment. Is professional athleticism a form of leisure? What are the advantages of participating in sports in your spare time? What are some disadvantages?

  • Today’s entertainment and media.

Examine the role of social media in today’s society. Compare and contrast various social media networks. Consider TikTok vs. Instagram, Twitter vs. Facebook, and so on. You can also talk about social media addiction.

  • Can entertainment generate revenue?

How do you think a hobby that becomes a job can be considered entertainment? Can you get the same gratification out of your hobby when it’s your source of income? Is it a good thing, in your opinion, when a hobby becomes a job?

  • What gives me joy and inspiration?

Tell your readers about your interest. Express your feelings and emotions in words by using descriptive writing techniques. Why do you enjoy this activity so much? Does it make you happy, inspire you, or help you relax? Write a memorable introduction and a powerful conclusion to make your essay more impressive.

  • Why is quality family entertainment so crucial in creating a positive environment at home?

Examine the significance of sharing common interests. How can leisure and entertainment help to strengthen family ties? Provide advice on how to look for common hobbies in all family members.

Funny Entertainment Speech Topics

  • Cats use humans for their own ends.
  • Having a dog is preferable to having a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Evil people frequently believe they are doing good.
  • Which is more valuable, knowledge or wisdom?
  • Who would you like to meet if ghosts exist?
  • In the Harry Potter universe, who are you? Why?
  • In the Marvel universe, who are you? Why?
  • Do you think the glass is half full or half empty? Why?
  • Is true wisdom gained through learning?
  • Why should parents forbid their children from watching television?
  • Do manners really matter? Why?
  • What are the significant characteristics of the future city?
  • How can people around the world achieve peace?
  • What should Americans know about Europe before taking a vacation there?
  • Describe the main characteristics of a good conversation.
  • Why should we not cook on our own every now and then?
  • Does color affect how people feel?
  • Individual sports are inferior to team sports.
  • If you could, how would you rule the world?
  • How do you avoid being ordinary?

Impromptu Ideas

Use these amusing speech topics for speeches that require no additional preparation. Express your own ideas and beliefs.

  • Explain three different methods for effectively preparing for an exam.
  • Persuade people to vote for you to be the President of the United States.
  • What invention would you create if you were a mad scientist right now?
  • You are a teacher; describe your unique teaching style.
  • Make up a myth to explain why people can’t bend their ring finger on their own.
  • Describe a memorable day for you.
  • What was the most memorable surprise you’ve ever received?
  • What would you do if you had a million dollars to give away?
  • Is it possible to train an old dog to do something new? How?
  • Describe how you frequently make pizza.
  • Describe one of your favorite holidays.
  • Tell us about your plans for the summer.
  • What would your lyrics be about if you were a famous rock star?
  • What is the most rewarding job in the world? Why?
  • What book would you recommend that everyone in the United States read?
  • What would your political party be if you could start it?
  • What would you like to know if you could receive a letter from your future self?
  • Describe how you would improve modern public transportation.
  • How can people realize their ambitions?
  • Describe five wonderful aspects of the ocean.
  • What do you feel the most grateful for?
  • Describe your favorite vacation.
  • Which film do you consider to be the “best movie ever”?
  • Tim Tebow Net Worth
  • Who is the most victorious person you know personally?
  • Describe your favorite relative in detail.
  • Why should we (or should we not) follow traditions?
  • Is capitalism or socialism the better political and economic system?
  • Describe how modern mass media influences people’s opinions.
  • Is advertising influencing people’s decisions?
  • Does society decide what is and isn’t normal? How?


Students who need to compose essays at high schools, colleges, or universities will benefit from the entertaining speech topics compiled in this article. However, you can always modify the topics depending on your needs to make them more or less amusing.

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