life hacks for kids

Life Hacks for Kids: Tips and Tricks to Teach Your Children that Will Make Their Lives Easiera

In the pages of this wholly original and unusual book, the popular YouTube show Life Hacks for Kids, starring Sunny Keller, comes to life.

35 popular “hacks” from the program, together with plenty of original images and behind-the-scene views of the show’s creation, make this book a must-have for fans of the show and kids who love to create something out of nothing.

You’ll find anything from pet hacks to food hacks to room hacks to rainy-day hacks here!

What exactly is a life hack?

life hacks for kids

In any field, a “life hack” (or “life hacking”) refers to a method, shortcut, skill, or novelty used to boost one’s productivity or efficiency. If you’re a programmer looking for techniques to speed up your workflow that doesn’t involve programming, you’ve probably heard of the term “information overload.”

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With these simple tips, you’ll be able to save time and effort around the house with your kids:

  • Use a Hanger to Store Your Jewelry.

To make the most of your leftover hangers, consider using them to hang up the clothes of your children as well. A variety of accessories, including watches, necklaces, eyewear, and even electrical gadgets like earbuds, can be attached to them.

A spare carabiner will allow your children to hang up smaller items, such as ponytail bands and rings, on the hooks.

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  • Using cardboard cutouts, fold garments vertically.

With a few cardboard cutouts, you can actually save your kids from the embarrassment of ripping out their clothes with reckless abandon and prevent yourself from having to clean up the subsequent mess.

To make it easier for your kids to get their clothing out, simply fold the garments around the cutouts, and then stack them vertically.

  • With the help of a seat belt buckle, you can open the bottles.

Having children on a road trip necessitates a few pit stops for gas and snacks. As long as your kids buy beverages with caps, you can open them using your car’s seatbelt buckles.

  • Incorporate a book-wrapping technique that utilizes an old belt.

If you have children who like to bring books along on road trips, use an old belt to secure the hardbound treasures they bring along. Your children’s books may be spared undue wear and tear as a result of this method of storing.

  • Cords can be stored in Smarties tubes.

It’s a great idea to keep charging cords and even earbuds in Smarties tubes because they’re reusable. It is possible to keep them in small spaces, such as travel bags and pants pockets, by re-using them.

  • Condiment shakers can be turned into glitter or pet food dispensers.

Recycle your outdated condiment shakers to get the best of both worlds. Your children will enjoy more mess-free playing, and you’ll have more cupboard space to work with.

These containers can be used by children to decorate with glitter and confetti, while pet owners can use them to store pet food.

  • Use a slice of bread to pick up glass shards.

The clumsiness of children is unavoidable. They have an uncanny knack for breaking objects around them. Mop up the shards of broken glassware with a slice of bread to help them clean up the mess.

The shards will stick to it, making cleanup a breeze for you and your children. Remember to always put your children’s safety first when helping them clean up messes like this, so don’t forget to give them some gloves to wear.

  • The door should be plastered with important notices.

Posting reminders on the front door can help your children recall everything they might have forgotten to do or bring before they leave the house.

They’ll be able to quickly review the notes before they leave the house if they can find them. Just make sure they exit the house by the front door, though.

  • Use a straw to keep your necklace from getting twisted.

Using plastic straws for necklaces and other accessories will prevent your children from learning about the Gordian knot the hard way. Straws can be used to keep necklace chains from wrapping themselves up when they are stored in a drawer.

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  •  Use toothpaste to remove scratches from your skin.

life hacks for kids

For youngsters who have accidentally scratched glass surfaces, such as the displays of their mobile devices, dabbing toothpaste on the scratched area may be helpful. When you remove the toothpaste and reveal that the scratch has vanished, your audience will be astounded.

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