One of The World’s Wealthiest Women, Lily Safra, Has Passed Away at Age 87

Lily Safra, One of The World's Richest Women, Dies at 87

Lily Safra, one of the richest women in the world, died at the age of 87. On July 9th, the Brazilian millionaire died in Geneva, Switzerland. According to Forbes magazine’s annual wealth list, the socialite has a net worth of more than R$ 5 billion ($1.3 billion).

Edmond Safra, a banker, died in 1999, leaving Lily as his widow. Her family has not yet disclosed the cause of death. To learn more about the billionaire and her personal life, continue reading.

To Say Lily Safra Was Humble Would Be an Understatement

Lily Safra, One of The World's Richest Women, Dies at 87

She was born in Porto Alegre on December 30th of 1934, making her the oldest of three children. Her father, a Czech railway engineer stationed in Brazil as part of a project to electrify the country’s railways, raised her. Her family moved from Rio de Janeiro to Uruguay when she was little.

Throughout her life, she was married four times. At the age of 17, she met her first husband, Mario Cohen. Lily had three children with Cohen, an Argentine hosiery tycoon, in the early 1960s.

Alfredo Monteverde, a businessman, became her next husband in 1965. All of Alfredo’s possessions were bequeathed to his wife when he committed suicide in 1969. Her late husband’s banker, Edmond Safra, had a romantic interest for a time, but their relationship terminated when Safra’s family disapproved of their relationship.

She married Samuel Bendahan, a businessman, in 1972, but they divorced a year later.

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Edmond and Lily Safra

In 1976, Lily Safra and Edmond Safra became legally married. Edward started the Republic National Bank of New York, which he also named after himself. A Monaco fire accident that killed him in 1999 was ruled a murder. Media attention was drawn to his death because of his wealth and position.

Edward Safra “supposedly felt so safe here that he did not have his protection stay the night when he was sleeping in Monaco.”

When Ted Maher, a former Green Beret, set the fire to get Edmond Safra’s approval when he rescued him, it quickly got out of hand. An eight-year term for Ted’s offense was handed down.

Somehow, Lily escaped serious injury in the collision. Inheritance from the late banker’s assets totaled $800 million.

As a result of Lily’s charitable activities

Lily Safra, One of The World's Richest Women, Dies at 87

The billionaire was well-known for her philanthropic tendencies, especially in the area of charitable gifts. This organization was co-founded in 1977 by Edmond Safra and her friend, the former actress Nina Weiner, to promote education for Sephardic Jews worldwide.

Her humanitarian and medical research activities were further aided by her role as chairperson of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation.

As a member of the American Red Cross, Lily lent her support to the organization. The Elton John AIDS Foundation honored her with the ‘An Enduring Vision’ award in 2009 for her decades-long involvement with the organization.

A Christie’s auction house in Geneva, Switzerland, received a proposal in May 2012 for the sale of 70 of her jewelry pieces. The proceeds from the sale were given to 32 charitable organizations in the categories of education, healthcare, religion, and culture. This year, she contributed $16 million to Tel Hashomer’s Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital.

In 2019, she donated €10 million to the repair of Notre Dame de Paris, which had been devastated by a fire in 2018.

Lily’s philanthropic activity is certain to be remembered. Keep an eye on this page for additional news and updates.


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