MCU: 9 Heartbreaking Quotes from Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Mcu: 9 Heartbreaking Clint Barton/hawkeye Quotes

Since his first appearance in Thor, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye has been an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Clint’s role in the MCU, along with that of fellow Avenger and best friend Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), is one of the most important ways that humanity and morality are shown.

Several times, the archer is put to the test. Even though bad things keep happening to him, he stays kind and humble. Clint has never been afraid to show weakness in his MCU work, and he has said his fair share of gut-wrenching lines that make even the toughest hearts break.

“Don’t Make Me Feel Better.”

Mcu: 9 Heartbreaking Clint Barton/hawkeye Quotes

When Clint is first seen again in Endgame, he is living happily with his family. A few moments later, though, the Bartons disappear into the mud, leaving a confused Clint behind.

In the five years between Infinity War and the next movie, Clint becomes less like the quick-thinking sharpshooter that fans know and love.

Few things are more dangerous than someone who has nothing to lose. Clint seems to have lost all hope because of Ronin, and his desire for revenge seems to be getting in the way of his morality.

Natasha would never turn away her best friend, so she gets Clint out of the trap by making a hopeful offer, which he turns down badly.

“It Should Have Been Me.”

The Avengers are held together by the bond between Natasha and Clint. They care about each other and understand each other better than anyone else in the group. They always look for the best in each other.

It makes sense that the two of them would volunteer together for Vormir during the time heist, but it’s clear that Clint doesn’t want to make it back alive if he can help it.

The Black Widow isn’t going to give up without a fight, though. It’s hard to see the two best friends fight over who can pay off their debts first. Both characters don’t deserve to die this way, but Natasha makes the sacrifice jump to save the universe and leave a saddened Clint behind.

His heartbreaking sobs choke out this line, which tells the audience everything they need to know: Clint blames himself, not only for his family’s disappearance but also for having to watch helplessly as his friend suffers a fate he thinks only he deserves.

“She Made a Decision.”

Clint is very hurt by the loss of Natasha. As he deals with what happened after Endgame, the archer is still very sad about her death. Clint makes references to their partnership over and over again in Hawkeye. But by the end of the book, he has come to terms with his sadness.

Clint doesn’t want to fight with Yelena, Natasha’s young and sad sister (played by Florence Pugh), but he has to. During the process, they both say what’s on their minds, which makes Clint do this painful thing.

Hearing the sadness in his voice as he says the words are heartbreaking. Clint still feels guilty about Natasha, but he knows that once the old widow makes up her mind to do something, nothing can stop her, not even Clint’s tears.

“Natasha… I need to talk to you really badly right now.”

Mcu: 9 Heartbreaking Clint Barton/hawkeye Quotes

Clint is flying alone for the first time in ten years. He no longer has his partner to talk to in the middle of a battle. There is no one to fight with him and remind him of the good old days.

There is also no one to bring him back to reality when the darkness gets too much or lead him back to the moral high ground. Clint loses a part of himself on Vormir, and Hawkeye does a deep dive into his mind.

When Clint gets to a monument for the Avengers, he gives an emotional speech that leaves him open and weak. He breaks all the way down to Natasha, turning off his hearing aid to shut out the world. Without her, it’s clear that Clint is lost.

He wants Natasha to come over again. Clint feels bad about Natasha’s death and about getting on the Ronin’s trail again. It’s clear that he won’t ever fully get over the loss because he thinks Natasha’s death was pointless.

“It Costs Something.”

Clint Barton is one of the few characters who understands what it means to be a hero. He knows what it’s like to lose everything in the blink of an eye because he often has a front-row seat to it.

Clint doesn’t want to take Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, under his wing when she gets caught up in vigilante justice.

Kate likes the old agent more and more. Clint has never missed the fact that she has a lot of potentials. During a talk with them after the battle, he gives them some wise words.

Their relationship is complicated, but this scene, like many others in Hawkeye, makes you feel sad and happy at the same time. Clint knows better than anyone what sacrifices need to be made and how to deal with all kinds of loss.

His worth weighs heavily on his heart as he teaches Kate a good lesson.

“I wish there was some way for me to tell her.”

Once everything is back to normal in the universe, the Avengers get together to mourn the deaths of Natasha and Tony (Robert Downey Jr). Saving the world costs something, and the 2 allies are willing to give up their lives to do it.

As everyone pays their respects to Iron Man, Clint and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) share a brief moment of sadness as they remember Natasha and Vision’s deaths (Paul Bettany).

The fight over the soul stone is a sad story. The fact that Natasha’s sacrifice can’t be taken back hurts even more than it did before.

Clint loses no matter what the outcome is. Either he goes on without his best friend or he never sees his family again, but he doesn’t think the orange rock is worth the murderer’s life.

The answer Wanda gives Clint makes Natasha even more sure that the time heist will work. Before she jumps on Vormir, Natasha is sure that their plan will work.

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Hawkeye kids, Clint lives with his family. He always puts the safety of his wife and children ahead of everything else. Even when there is a global disaster, Clint’s first thought is always about his family, and he is always looking for a way out of the business.

Even though he is retired, the archer finds his way back to the battlefield, no matter how hard he tries to stay away.

Clint fights his inner demons about being away from his family when he works with Steve (Chris Evans) in Captain America: Civil War or goes on a killing spree in Endgame. He finally has the chance to make up for the five-year gap in his children’s lives.

Clint wants to stay involved in their lives; he’s tired of disappointing them and is the type of person who will spend every waking moment making memories to make up for his absence.

“I Owe A Debt.”

Clint is the first person to welcome Wanda to the group. He is the big brother of the Avengers, and he quickly becomes protective over her. Their agency connection comes from Avengers.

Age of Ultron. When Wanda’s brother gives his life for the sharpshooter, the two of them feel a lot of guilt and sadness, which leads to the Civil War, where they explore their complicated relationship.

Clint joined the fight because he thinks he owes someone something. It’s a line that could be missed, but in the big picture, these four words are key to understanding Clint.

He blames himself for a lot of things in his life, including Pietro’s (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) early death. Clint thinks that being with Wanda and helping Team Cap is a good way to start making up for his past mistakes.

“I can’t go back home. Until I make it right.”

Mcu: 9 Heartbreaking Clint Barton/hawkeye Quotes

Kate’s admiration for Hawkeye comes from his brave actions during the Battle of New York. This admiration gets her into a lot of trouble. Clint is still haunted by his time as the Ronin, so when he sees Kate wearing the suit, he decides to protect her and clear his ledger at the same time.

The archer doesn’t have an easy life. To get closure, he had to skip Christmas with his family, which put off another attempt to live a quiet life. Clint’s story is about how he learns to be strong and loyal. The weight of his ledger hangs heavy.

Clint struggles with internalized guilt. He blames himself harshly for everything he has lost, even if he wasn’t directly responsible. He also blames himself for the effects of his past.


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