Love Island Became Disrespect Island for A Week

The Week Love Island Turned Into Disrespect Island

I have to give it to the producers of Love Island because the last week has been full of chaos, mayhem, and disorder.

Just like we like it! Usually, we’d have a few filler episodes by now, the kind you can watch while folding laundry or making dinner, but not this past week. A lot of pieing has been going on, and I can’t get enough of it.

But before we figure out what’s going on, a word about Damiyah, the best couple in that mess. In all honesty, when I see Dami and Indiyah together, my heart just melts. Each and every time. This is the Black British romantic comedy we’ve been waiting for our whole lives.

I would go so far as to say that this is the closest a couple has ever gotten on Love Island. Camilla and Jamie from Series 3 and Olivia and Alex from Series 2 are still married and have kids, but did they have a secret handshake like Dimiyah? Exactly.

For me, there is no question that they are the best couple. If there wasn’t so much disrespect in the villa, I’d say we should just give them the £50k prize now and call it a day.

So, let’s talk about my other favorite thing: Ekin-Su. Give that woman a BAFTA already! She did a great job of reading Jay.

The Week Love Island Turned Into Disrespect Island

Look at the power of Act II: you can’t hold back and keep thinking about the same thing over and over. No, Ekin-Su showed us that “what if I said that?” shower moments can happen in real life. She brings a lot of drama to the villa, but the Islanders also treat her very badly.

It’s “Love Island” Showed Damiyah on A Date.

It’s too bad that nobody ever sticks up for her. All of the guys are mean to her, and the girls aren’t much better. Jacques called her a “f***ing headache,” for example. Ekin’s time in the villa is a painful reminder of how confident and assertive women are treated: as if they don’t have feelings and nothing can hurt them.

She did kiss Jay behind Davide’s back and then lied about it, but she also said she was sorry. Where is Jay’s punishment in all this? There is also a bit of slut-shaming going on.

Some people have called Tasha a “quiet Ekin-Su,” but when she wants to let out her inner “hot girl” and try new things, she doesn’t get nearly as much hate as Ekin-Su does. When Tasha cries, people try to make her feel better.

When Ekin-Su cries, people call her a “drama queen.” She can’t win at all. (But let’s hope she wins the Davide race because it’s always fun to see enemies turn into lovers.)

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The Week Love Island Turned Into Disrespect Island

Jacques is the one we should all pay attention to. He feels like a red flag that moves and breathes. Who was it? Poor sweet Paige. What is happening to her is not fair. I cringe when I hear Jacques and Jay talk about her as if she were a dowry from the 1600s.

Did either of them even think about what Paige wants for a second? “I’ve never cared about someone like this before,” Jacques says, which is also scary. We shouldn’t forget that his ex-girlfriend is just a few beds away. Paige, wake up! Please!

But if there was a prize for the person in the vila who gets the least respect right now, it would have to go to Danica. Davide kissed her and then broke up with her when he went out with Antigoni.

During the recoupling, she was the last person chosen and left with Jacques. This beautiful girl deserves a lot more. Let’s hope she finds love this week, because the way things are right now is, well, gutting.


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