If You Were Venus Morris Griffin, Who Is Venus’s Ex-Husband, Tripp Morris?

Tripp Morris, as John Evangel Morris III, was given two prison terms. The maximum term of imprisonment for his crime is 45 years. Morris is the ex-husband of nationally renowned Venus Griffin, a real estate agent, and motivational speaker.

Morris is still being held in custody. The scandal broke when the ex-wife posted her narrative on the popular Instagram account Humans of New York.

To whom does John Morris Tripp belong?


The ex-husband of Venus, John Morris, is hardly a household name, although he has been featured in a few media outlets. However, we have no information regarding his background or company.

Some estimates place his age between 30 and 40. He is more known to the general public and the media as the ex-husband of Venus Griffin. Ex-husband Venus’s John is in jail on two counts of child abuse.

The full scope of his crime has yet to be known, but he was reportedly arrested by police officials and taken to a prison in South Carolina.

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The arrest of Tripp Morris

Thousands of internet users responded to a series of posts by Venus Griffin on the Human Of New York page. The call Venus got in the middle of the night changed her life forever.

John Morris, an accomplice in a fraud case, is exposed, and she learns that he was given a roughly 45-year prison sentence. Griffin, Tripp’s ex-wife, informs us that he is currently serving a 45-year sentence in jail.

Though she has posted six parts of her narrative on Facebook, we still don’t know why he’s in jail; we can only hope it’s for his criminal actions and not something worse that may have been perpetrated against them.

Griffin, Instagram, and the Venusian Offspring

Scorpio’s Love Interest, Venus Griffin There are just 7,000 people that follow Venus Morris Griffin on Instagram. Image galleries of her kiddos may be found on her profile. She posted a number of adorable family photos.

She has won numerous awards for her work in real estate. Until Venus Griffin makes a public remark about the fraud charges against Tripp Morris, that’s all there is to the case.

Life’s pain has been brought to light through the terrible and devastating story of Venus Morris on Humans of New York. Tripp Morris was arrested and charged with prostitution and money laundering.

Augusta, Georgia-based Venus Morris works in real estate, writes books, and gives speeches to inspire and motivate her audience.

The first 13 pieces were released to the Humans of New York Facebook page at about 9:00 a.m Thursday (3rd March 2022). (3rd March 2022).

By midday, it was estimated that over 10,000 individuals had responded to her tale after hearing it from friends and family. Read on to find out more.

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The reason Tripp is in jail


Venus claims that Tripp is currently serving a 45-year sentence in a Georgia prison. The Sun reports that he was found guilty on two charges of child molestation and is presently being imprisoned at the Baldwin State Jail in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Venus claims in her People from New York account that she was never sure what her husband was up to during his periods of a bad mood and erratic behavior.

A prostitute called her and told her that her husband had been having an affair with sex workers for years.

After Tripp came clean about his abuse and entered a rehabilitation center, one of their children approached her and told her that her father had also assaulted her.

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