Magnesium-Iron-Silicate-Hydroxide: Definition of The Iron-Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide Pun Found on Tik Tok, Explanated


Jokes involving magnesium iron silicate hydroxide have been more common on the popular video-sharing app TikTok in recent months. In case you were wondering what it all meant, we have you covered.

Jokes and humorous films have been widely disseminated via social media. Magnesium iron silicate hydroxide is the newest one that has everyone laughing. Although the joke has been around for a while, there are still some folks who don’t get it. Those in the know, on the other hand, can’t help but tell everyone else.

Explanation of the Meaning of Magnesium Iron Silica Hydroxide


Are you magnesium iron silicate hydroxide? has become a popular question asked to significant others on TikTok recently. Many, though, appear befuddled since they can’t provide a response to that question.

It sounds like a scientific joke at first. Users may not initially realize the true significance, but upon more exploration, they will. The chemical formula for a crystal is magnesium iron silicate hydroxide.

The crystal itself is harmless enough, but the comedy is in the name. Cummingtonite is the name for this crystal. We have no doubt that you now understand the punchline to this joke.

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What Other Tiktok Jokes Do You Know?

On the other hand, many other jokes posted on TikTok have gone viral in the past. The one about Candice was by far the most popular.

The prank begins when people start asking around for “Candice” and whether or not they’ve seen her recently. The typical reaction to this is, “Candice who?” Candice d**k fit in yo mouth!” is the subsequent response.

However, many TikTok videos finish before the viewer has a chance to respond. This meant the prank had actually been interesting. If someone else asks you the same question, resist the want to make light of it.

Are there any other TikTok jokes?

Of course, this isn’t the only viral TikTok joke; there have been many others. Among them, the Candice joke had become the most renowned.

The prank begins when someone asks their loved ones about “Candice,” hoping to learn more about her or find out what happened to her. In reaction to this, most people reply with “Candice who?” The respondent then says, “Candice d**k fit in yo mouth!”

Unfortunately, many TikTok videos are cut off before the user can answer. This led many to wonder what the joke was all about. You should not laugh at that joke if you are ever asked the same thing.

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Here are a few fashions you can try on the site


While TikTok can some obscene jokes. One can try out a variety of alternative fashions. These will keep you amused without putting you in danger. These tendencies include, at a minimum:

  • The trend in Adult Swim 54321
  • Starburst, a phenomenon on the video-sharing app TikTok
  • The Beer Poster fad
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