Life Hacks for Watches: Really Helpful Tik Tok Tricks for The Apple Watch

Life Hacks for Watches

Never in a million years did I think I’d want or like an Apple Watch. Until I received one for Christmas, that is, and ever since then, I have been completely enamored by its myriad capabilities.

However, there are numerous tips and tactics I wish I had known when first starting out with this technology, as is the case with every new innovation. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of fourteen useful Apple Watch tricks that any beginner should know.

The advantages of owning an Apple Watch

Life Hacks for Watches

When you first got your hands on an iPhone, you thought there was no way anything could top it. The convenience! I see the link! The simplicity of it all! Absolutely, without a doubt, this was the pinnacle of technological achievement.

You then received an Apple Watch. What you adored about your iPhone was now on your wrist. The best part is over, right? However, did you know this? When you learn the tricks that the pros swear by, your enjoyment will skyrocket.

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The Sleep Monitor

The technical director at GetSongKey, Thomas Bradbury, recommends that all users first utilize the Apple Watch’s sleep tracking feature. This tool allows you to monitor your sleep duration and quality, which is particularly useful given the significance of sleep.

In iOS 13, the Bedtime tab will provide you a breakdown of how long you spend in bed, but your Apple Watch won’t automatically record how long you spend sleeping or how often you get up and move around during the night.

Apple suggests utilizing one of the supplementary sleep trackers available in the Health app on your phone. If you’re in a rush to start recording, this easy method will have you down cold in just a minute.

Timepieces Made by Apple Inc.

Although some users never clear out their alerts, ProPrivacy’s technical specialist Damien Mason observes that others do it obsessively in order to maintain a clean tray.

Normally, you would do this by dragging them down from the top of the watch, but you can only delete them one at a time. But Mason has an answer if you find yourself inundated with alerts.

“To delete them all at once, use force touch by pressing down firmly on the notification tray.” You might be the type who loves to keep their gadgets neat and tidy, in which case you should read up on the 11 things successful individuals do on their mobile devices.

iPhone Mac Courtesy Watch RUTTER, SAMUEL

“Apple is well-known for its inclusive environment, rewarding customers who purchase numerous devices,” argues Mason. Similar to unlocking an iPhone, “you can truly unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch.”

To begin, you must ensure that both your Apple Watch and your Mac are compatible with one another.

The next step is to enable the feature that will let your Apple Watch serve as a password for your Mac by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and checking the box.

If you own a Mac, “you can now feel like the protagonist in a spy thriller when accessing it,” adds Mason. Since this approach does away with the necessity for a password, he cautions, “It’s advisable that you keep your watch safe if you pick this technique.”

At the same time, educate yourself on how to avoid being hacked when using the internet. AirDrop is a game-changer when it comes to filing sharing, and you can learn how to use it on any Apple device.

Make Snapshots Possible

Payette Forward is an Apple support website that helps millions of people each month resolve issues with their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

“Unlike other Apple devices, you have to manually turn on the ability to take screenshots before you can actually take them,” says David Lynch, content lead for Payette Forward.

If you want to show off your new Apple Watch Face to a friend or if you’re stuck on something and need some guidance, taking a snapshot is a great idea.

You can enable screenshots on your Apple Watch by going to the Watch app on your iPhone, tapping General, and then toggling the “Enable Screenshots” switch.

Once screenshots have been enabled, hitting the side button and Digital Crown at the same time will capture a screenshot on your Apple Watch.

When you snap a screenshot, your Apple Watch will vibrate and its screen will flash. Lynch informs us that the screenshots taken on the Apple Watch will show up in the Photos app on the iPhone.

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Hydraulic Lock

Life Hacks for Watches

To keep tabs on your workouts, even in the pool, Lynch recommends an Apple Watch. Keep in mind that Apple Watches are water-resistant rather than waterproof and that the water resistance does degrade over time.

Lynch maintains that Apple has you covered even if you’re a serious swimmer. When you choose a swimming workout on your Apple Watch, Water Lock will activate immediately. Once the blue water droplet appears at the top of your watch face, you’ll know it’s working.

The Apple Watch’s Control Center can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, so if you want to manually activate it—say, while lazing in the pool instead of completing laps, or if you want to be extra careful while it’s pouring or snowing—you may do so. “Finally, click the water drop icon.”


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