Danny Trejo Congratulates Son Gilbert on 8 Years of Sobriety

Machete Star Danny Trejo Shared a Heartfelt Tribute to His Son’s Sobriety in A Facebook Post.

An ex-Federale who seeks revenge on those who have wronged him, actor Danny Trejo is well-known for his badass roles in which he gained worldwide recognition as Machete in the Spy Kids films and then as an even more violent version of his character in the Machete series.

Many other well-known films have included him, including Heat, Con Air, Sons of Anarchy (TV series), and xXX (video game adaptation). In addition to being a proud parent who penned a heartfelt post on his 34-year-old son’s continued sobriety, the Los Angeles native is also well-known for his charitable work.

Finding sobriety is never an easy endeavor, so it’s always vital to express your admiration for the individual who has succeeded. Danny Trejo acknowledged his son Gilbert in a snapshot he shared on Twitter, pointing proudly at his “best friend.”

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Danny Trejo Congratulates Son Gilbert on 8 Years of Sobriety

Eight years ago, Gilbert Trejo began his journey to recovery from heroin addiction. When he spoke about his son, he made it clear how much he loved and respected him. His message to the world was that rehabilitation is possible, and the 78-year-old actor made it clear.

When it comes to helping his son’s recovery, Danny Trejo is a real-life badass in his own right. At age eight, his uncle allegedly introduced him to marijuana, which spiraled into alcohol consumption by the age of 12. As a teen, he developed a heroin addiction.

A prison riot in 1968 sent Machete actor Danny Trejo to solitary confinement after he attacked a guard with a rock. This marked the first of several spells in jail for Trejo in the 1960s.

He found faith and committed himself to sobriety when he was imprisoned. As of August 23, 1969, he was no longer an inmate and has now been sober for more than half a century!

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