Anti-Amber Heard Twitter Campaign One Of ‘Worst Cases Of Cyberbullying,’ Report Says

A Coordinated Campaign On Twitter Targets Amber Heard And Her Female Fans.

One of the worst incidents of cyberbullying and cyberstalking by a group of Twitter identities a team of online investigators looking into the topic has ever seen targeted Amber Heard’s female online followers during the defamation trial this year.

It was reported on Monday by CBS News that Bot Sentinel, a research business, had analyzed more than 14,000 tweets that included at least one of four viral anti-Holden hashtags: #AmberHeardIsAbuser, #AmberHeardLsAnAbuser, #AmberHeardIsALiar, and #AmberHeardLsALiar

It was discovered that over a quarter of the accounts tweeting with negative hashtags about Heard had just been active for seven months.

Almost one in five of the accounts that tweeted anti-Heard hashtags were “committed to spamming,” according to a report. Additionally, there were 627 “exclusively” Heard-related Twitter accounts.

Even after using “vulgar and threatening” language, the trolls continued their harassment. Doxxed and replaced with a picture of her dead child as her user pic, a Twitter user who tweeted in support of Amber Heard, a prominent female academic, was targeted.

Christopher Bouzy, the Founder of Bot Sentinel, Indicated that Many of These Anti-Heard Trolls Were Genuine Humans, Not Bots

Anti-Amber Heard Twitter Campaign One Of ‘Worst Cases Of Cyberbullying,’ Report Says

A group of people in a small space in St. Petersburg “does not necessarily suggest that they are working together,” Bouzy added.

Amber Heard has been targeted before, and it might be a simple case of a bunch of individuals who dislike her deciding to attack her on another platform, such as Switch or Discord.

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Eve Barlow, a Longtime Friend, and Ardent Supporter of Heard Was Not Surprised by The Results of Bot Sentinel

“It confirms a lot of what we know and have been saying,” journalist Eve Barlow told CBS News. You aren’t even low-hanging fruit if you stand up for Amber in front of the firing line.

What’s Everyone’s Verdict? Twitter Could’ve Done More to Improve the Situation

Anti-Amber Heard Twitter Campaign One Of ‘Worst Cases Of Cyberbullying,’ Report Says

We believe Twitter did not do enough to limit platform manipulation and prevented abuse and targeted harassment to a sufficient degree,” according to the company’s statement. Women were effectively left to fend for themselves without any backup from Twitter.”

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