Kylie Jenner Called 'climate Criminal' After 17-Minute Jet Flight

After a 17-Minute Jet Ride, Kylie Jenner Was Branded a ‘Climate Criminal.’

People are furious with Kylie Jenner after she made a big deal about her and boyfriend Travis Scott’s private jets and admitted to using one of them for brief trips.

After Jenner flew from Camarillo, California, to Van Nuys, California, on Tuesday, the Twitter account @CelebJets posted her flight path, estimating that the trip would take only three minutes rather than a 45-minute drive.

According to A Follow-Up Note, the Trip’s Total Flight Time Was Actually 17 Minutes

Kylie Jenner Called 'climate Criminal' After 17-Minute Jet Flight

Jenner’s flight was not included in the Twitter feed’s typical tally of jet fuel used, the cost of fuel, and the tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The reality personality, 24, uploaded a black-and-white snapshot of her and Scott, 31, in front of their private aircraft three days after the fast travel. Instagram post-Friday: “You want to steal mine or yours?” she bluntly stated.

Users on Twitter and Instagram have since blasted Jenner for being a “full-time climate criminal.” It was noted on Twitter that Kylie Jenner is “almost certainly doing more damage to the environment than the majority of the rest of us combined” by flying for only three minutes per trip.

Somebody else said, “I become mind-numbingly upset every time a paper straw starts to dissolve into my drink because I think about how Kylie Jenner uses a luxury plane for 3-minute rides.”

On Instagram, a user posed the question, “Which plane should we use today to trash the Earth?”

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The Question of Climate Change, However, Was Raised by Another

Kylie Jenner Called 'climate Criminal' After 17-Minute Jet Flight

“Why should I have to limit my meat consumption and use paper straws when the one percent gets to spew tonnes of carbon into the environment for a day trip to Palm Springs?” questioned a third follower.

There has been no response from Jenner, who has often been ridiculed for making everyday tasks sound aspirational. Kim Kardashian was criticized in 2019 after she took her sister Kendall Jenner out to supper in her own aircraft while filming “Kardashians.”

Some Twitter users came to the defense of Kylie and the 26-year-old model after they were criticized for not flying first class instead.

‘There’s no way in f–k that KYLIE JENNER and KENDALL JENNER are boarding first class flights,’ one admirer remarked. This group of babes is so well-known that they’d be mobbed. “If you could afford a private jet, I would, too.”

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