Liam Payne Is Worried For His Son!


“One Direction” star Liam Payne has quite a bit behind her. After the broken engagement to Maya Henry, the singer managed to win her back.

But even if that may be a reason to be happy, there are currently entirely different things preoccupying Payne. Bear, whom he got with his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Cole, is preoccupied with the young father. At four years old, the little one is Dad’s pride and joy and a problem child for Payne somewhere because he is terrified that his son will follow in his footsteps. The first signs of this are already there, as the musician revealed.

Bear Loves Music

In an interview on Mark Wright’s Heart radio show, the musician spoke about his worries that his young son might pursue a career similar to his father’s. When ex-girlfriend Cole went into the child’s bedroom one day to check on him – after all, it was 9 p.m., and the boy had long gone to bed – she found him very awake and singing. 

“He had his iPad on the floor, and you could see a red line on it. She asked: ‘What are you doing there?’ He replied, ‘I’m recording a song, don’t you see that?’ And then he sang ‘Like a Sunshine’, that was very funny,” the musician said in an interview. His son is already showing vital signs that music could become a great passion for him. And that’s precisely what scares Payne.

That’s Why Payne Is Afraid Of A Possible Music Career

“It scares me a little because I know what something like that can do to you,” said the musician. “One Direction” became an absolute mega-hit back then, and within a short time, the band Payne was a part of was known worldwide. Several sold-out stadiums and tours were the consequence – a life that Payne does not necessarily miss and knows precisely what you have to sacrifice for so much fame. However, he also clarifies that he would not stand in the way of his son should he decide to pursue a career in music. “I would never stop him from doing the things he wants to do and loves.” 

We think Payne could be an excellent mentor to his son. After all, he knows what it means to be great in the music business.


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