Bridgerton Season 2 Is Releasing Sooner Than Expected On Netflix


At Christmas 2020, the romantic history series “Bridgerton” was released on Netflix. Since then, all Daphne, Penelope and Co. fans have been waiting for new episodes about the family from the title and the London of the year 1813. And the release date of the second season is now a good deal closer.

As Nicola Coughlan, the actress who played Penelope Featherington (or Lady Whistledown), announced in a Twitter post, the shooting of issue 2 of “Bridgerton” is over. Check out Coughlan’s tweet here:

“I can’t wait to share this season of ‘Bridgerton’ with you. It was a complete joy. See you in 2022/1814”, writes the actress in the above post.

The photo shows a quill that alludes to Penelope’s activity as a gossip columnist Lady Whistledown. The purple feathers, on the other hand, stand for the Featheringtons. After all, every family in “Bridgerton” has its colour scheme.

When Will Season 2 Of “Bridgerton” Be Released On Netflix?

For Christmas 2021, the new episodes of “Bridgerton” should unfortunately not appear on Netflix yet. Because the post-production of season 2 will take at least a few more months. But realistically, it could be that far from February or March 2022.

Bridgerton Season 2: Who Is Kate Sharma?

“Bridgerton” is returning to streaming service Netflix soon with Season 2 . In it, Anthony Bridgerton goes in search of a wife after opera singer Sienna Rosso broke his heart. He has his eye on Edwina Sharma, but her sister Kate will win his heart.

Who Is Kate Sharma?

Kate Sharma is the older sister of Edwina Sharma. She is cautious to protect her sister and doesn’t think Anthony is a good candidate for Edwina.

The Sharma family is of Indian descent and brings even more diversity to the series. In the books, however, Kate’s last name is Sheffield, and she is British. The Sharmas arrived in London at the start of the new ball season in 1814.

Kate is a wise, headstrong young woman who does not tolerate anything stupid and stands up to Anthony. As the first trailer shows, she makes no secret of what she thinks of the head of the Bridgerton family.

Who Plays Kate Sharma?

British actress Simone Ashley plays Kate in season 2 of the series. The actress is no stranger. She is popular for her role on the Netflix series “Sex Education”.


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