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4 Couples Who Met On The Sets Of Your Favorite TV Shows And Movies

Many dreams of love at work, but some TV and movie stars find their soulmate in real life while portraying characters in the reel life. Here are five couples who met on sets and kicked off their love story saga. 

1) Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold

“You” stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold met on the set of the Netflix hit series. In season 3, Arnold played Theo Engler, a rather flirty student and neighbour of Pedretti’s character Love Quinn. Fans of the series noticed in the episodes that the chemistry between them was just right, and they saw it themselves.

Arnold may be pretty young in the series, but the actor is 27 years old in real life and therefore even older than Pedretti. Sources claim the two are dating, and we can understand why, as they make an adorable couple.

2) Tom Holland and Zendaya

It’s the sensation in 2021. Tom Holland and Zendaya were caught with private kissing photos and are already well on their way to becoming Hollywood’s most popular, famous couple. In any case, fans can hardly believe it. Of course, Tom and Zendaya met on the set of “Spider-Man”, and that’s where they fell in love. Not right away; it took three filming before the two of them were spotted together. 

3) Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair

Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair met on the set of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. Early on, it was rumoured that the Netflix stars were dating, and the rumours became even more vital when the two also became a couple on the series. Between 2018 and 2019, more and more photos of the two stars appeared, and at some point, the famous couple decided to give up the game of hide and seek on the contrary. Today Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair are publicly happy together and regularly show it on Instagram.

4) Camila Mendes and Charles Melton

Camila Mendes and Charles Melton fell in love on the series “Riverdale” set and were a mega sweet couple for a long time. After their roles Veronica and Reggie on the show got closer and closer, it sparked privately between the two. Fans were super disappointed when the two separated in December 2019, but there is hope again: It is currently rumoured that the “Riverdale” stars are a couple again. Camila and Charles are often spotted together and are even on vacation at the same time.

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