Is Kanye West Single: Is Officially Unmarried as Kanye West’s Divorce Case Plays Out

Is Kanye West Single

Kim, 41, started the divorce process with Kanye at the beginning of this year, but the couple isn’t legally divorced even though Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson has heated up.

‘This is totally true regarding Kim filing procedures to become legally single and alter her last name back to just Kardashian,’ an insider said to Hollywood Life.

After Kanye’s concert with Drake last Thursday night, the person claimed, Kim finally snapped.

“As soon as he put her on the spot and embarrassed her in front of their kids and her family by shouting, ‘Run back to me Kimberly,'” the story goes. Kim took her children Saint, 6, and North, 8, as well as Kendall Jenner, to the concert.

The insider advised Kim that she “ought to take action immediately” by contacting her attorney.

Quickly after the announcement, Kardashian updated her online profile to reflect the new title.

Is Kanye West Single

She also liked a tweet that praised her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, calling him “sensitive,” “funny,” and a man that “treats everyone with respect,” thereby pledging her support for him after the hearing.

West may be pouting on social media, but he seems to be taking the judge’s decision much better in person. Kim Kardashian didn’t spend any time changing her online handles to reflect her new identity.

She also liked a tweet that praised her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, calling him “sensitive,” “funny,” and a man that “treats everyone with respect,” thereby pledging her support for him after the hearing.

Even while West appears to be pouting over the judge’s decision on social media, he seems to be taking the news much better in person.

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“Stress” from social media.

However, she claimed that his recent social media activity—including the publication of private text messages and the criticism of her new partner, comedian Pete Davidson—had caused her “emotional pain.”

The rapper released the music video for his new single “Eazy” on Wednesday, which features what appears to be an animated recreation of Davidson’s kidnapping and burial.

Ye’s attorney at the divorce court reportedly tried to get Kardashian to agree to give up any marital privilege she might have with a future spouse.

The judge agreed with Kardashian and her attorney that the request was “unusual” and so refused it. They started dating in 2012 and tied the knot in 2014.

Rap superstar Ye is responsible for worldwide smashes like “Stronger,” “Jesus Walks,” and “Gold Digger.” As a fashion designer, he has also achieved considerable success.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians propelled Kardashian to popularity in 2007, and she has subsequently expanded into the fashion and cosmetics industries.

Kanye West says his loved ones are in “danger” in a new song.

According to reports, West talks about being apart from his eight-year-old daughter North, six-year-old son Saint, four-year-old daughter Chicago, and two-year-old son Psalm on Pusha T’s latest album, It’s Almost Dry.

“When Daddy’s away, the kids are in trouble,” “Born in a manger, the son of a stranger,” and “When Mama’s not around, the family is in peril” are all lines from the same song. Dreamin’ of the Past has rapped from Ye, according to E! News.

Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her family wearing matching Easter pajamas over the weekend. She captioned the photo, “Easter with my bb’s.”

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While addressing the thorny divorce processes, Kim Kardashian’s lawyer rips into Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian’s attorney, Laura Wasser, has publicly called out Kanye West, discussing how his use of social media has complicated the divorce proceedings, following the revelation that Kim Kardashian did not communicate with Kanye West for eight months following the filing of the divorce in February 2021.

When questioned about calling out an ex on social media, West apparently immediately sprang to mind for the 53-year-old lawyer during an interview with Bustle.

The situation you’re going through is probably best kept to yourself, and there’s no reason to broadcast it to the world,’ she remarked. By which I mean, “Hello, Kanye West.”

She said, “That’s definitely not the ideal way to go about things, particularly as a parent.” in reference to West’s behavior. Among the many pieces of advice she gave for getting through a divorce, the most adamant was to avoid discussing private family affairs online.

She suggested giving out bland gifts over the next few months to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.


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