how does hinge work

How Does Hinge Work: Using and Understanding What It Is in 2022

It claims to be “the only dating app built to be removed,” and this slogan is prominently displayed on the Hinge website. In other words, Hinge isn’t interested in hookups but in long-term partnerships.

Hinge’s promotion notwithstanding, the app doesn’t provide anything significantly different from Tinder or Bumble. It’s a mobile app that displays photos of other users and allows you to “heart” or “mute” them. Then, if both users have expressed interest in one another, they are connected so they can begin a conversation.

Hinge’s “Prompts” are short questions that add personality and fun to your profile, while “Standouts” are your most compatible matches.

Explain the meaning of the term “Hinge.”

how does hinge work

Hinge is a hookup app that uses your location to find potential matches, and it’s meant to be temporary. In other words, unlike some other dating apps, its primary goal is to help its users discover long-term, committed relationships.

One possible explanation for the success rate of Hinge dates (3 out of 4) is the app’s well-crafted matching algorithm.

Those are really good odds, eh? But how does this app function, and how does it vary from existing options?

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Explain how Hinge operates.

In its operation, Hinge is not dissimilar from other popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. Hinge is a location-based dating app that helps you meet like-minded daters in your area.

Like many other dating apps, Hinge requires you to like someone before you can message them and for them to like you back before you can exchange any more messages.

But Hinge includes sections of that person’s profile you can like, rather than just a few photographs to look at and decide if you like that person or not. Hinge is functional since it enables users to peruse the profiles of other users.

The user can “like” another user’s photo or their response to a “prompt” such as “two truths and a lie.” If their crush feels the same way, they can now strike up a dialogue.

The key distinction between this and other popular dating apps is the ability to initiate contact based on a user’s photo or a response on their profile.

This makes it far more specific and tailored to the individual. Hinge provides a wider variety of conversation starters than the average dating app.

After the first date, you’ve already established some kind of comfort with one another, which makes it less likely that the discussion would fizzle out.

How does Hinge actually function, then?

how does hinge work

The hinge may be downloaded with either your Facebook credentials or your cell phone number. I’m too lazy to worry about security, so Facebook it is.

It has been said that “a sophisticated algorithm” is behind Hinge’s success in bringing people together (they previously used your Facebook friends.)

Along with your Facebook profile pictures, which are automatically imported into the app (you can change them later and connect to your Instagram if you want), you’ll be asked to select three questions to answer, the results of which will appear on your profile as endearing tidbits to spark conversations.

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The result was complete and utter chaos. Though I’m usually quite the witty-remark-making keyboard warrior (my Instagram captions might win awards), this really hit me to the heart.

How challenging is it to come up with a question and answer that are both amusing and true to who you are as a person? It makes me nervous to think that based on my answers to just three questions, a possible match will determine whether or not our personalities are compatible before we’ve even spoken.

You can add your age, height, occupation, location, political views, and whether or not you drink, smoke, or do drugs to your profile alongside the photographs and the three questions you’ve already set up.

Include your star sign if you’d like, but don’t be tricked into thinking that astrology-interested men are harder to scam than catfish. If that happens, you’re on your own.

In order to “like” you, a user must first “match” some aspect of your profile, such as a photo or a comment. You’ll receive a notification, and then you can decide whether to respond, delete, or simply select “match” and wait for the other person to contact you.

You won’t be left wondering when it’s your turn to respond; there will be no ghosting in this place, women (unless you ignore the notification as I do very regularly… oops).

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