Erin Hanzon Quotes: What Erin Hanson Said About the Importance of Feeling. “what If…?” You Ask.

Erin hanson net worth

Poet Erin Hanson is widely recognized. She was born in Brisbane, Australia, on June 22, 1995. Besides being an Instagram sensation and a poet, Erin is also well-known for her book titled The Poetic Underground.

On her Instagram account, she frequently posts photographs of her poetry in a distinctive aesthetic manner. Erin is a native of the land down under. Another notable Australian poet is Les Murray.

Early Life

Erin hanson net worth

On June 22, 1995, Erin Hanson was born in Australia. She is a well-known poet. Poet and Instagram celebrity recognized for her series of books dubbed The Poetic Underground, which she has written multiple of.

On her Instagram account, she frequently posts photographs of her poetry in a distinctive aesthetic manner. Astrologers say Erin Hanson is born under the sign of the Cancer horoscope.

Brisbane, Australia, is where she was born and grew up.

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It’s Erin Hanson’s Social Media

If you go to Erin Hanson’s official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or her YouTube channel, you’ll see that she has a sizable following. The Erin Hanson Website and other Media Platforms will be added when they become available on the internet.
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Erin Hanzon Quotes:-

Erin hanson net worth

  •  I once had a mind of quicksand, That dragged ideas into its depths, Inhaling specks of sunlight, Every time I drew a breath, But the world thought me a hazard, When every word I spoke, I meant, So around me, they put caution tape, And filled me with cement. – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  Don’t ever think you’re alone here, We’ve just been trapped in different hells, And people aren’t against you dear, They’re just all for themselves. – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  what if I fall? oh, my darling, but if you fly? – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  Your blindness to my downfall, Has gone too far to be a joke, As I stand ablaze before you, And you tell me you smell smoke. – Author: Erin Hanson
  •  Leibniz thought that if we had a sufficiently logical notation, dispute and confusion would cease, and men would sit together and resolve their disputes by calculation. – Author: Simon Blackburn
  •  Who says paper worlds Are they an escape from what is real? As though the lives trapped in their binding Are not the ones that make you feel. Sometimes our greatest lessons Come from those with ink for skin, Who reach beyond the page To take our hand and pull us in. – Author: Erin Hanson
  • Now, more than ever, human communities depend on a diversity of talents; not on a singular conception of ability. – Author: Ken Robinson
  •  The first man to see an illusion by which men have flourished for centuries surely stands in a lonely place. – Author: Gary Zukav
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