By the Grace of The Gods Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Updates!

By the Grace of The Gods Season 2

Like other isekai series, “By the Grace of the Gods” shares certain similarities with “KonoSuba” and “My Isekai Life.” The light book series, written by Roy and illustrated by Ririnra, begins with the protagonist’s death and rebirth in a fantastical world.

“By the Grace of the Godsdemise “‘s of the main character rivals, if not tops, “KonoSuba’s” in terms of anime’s most humiliating death. Having said that, there aren’t many shows where the main character dies due to a particularly bad case of sneezing.

In contrast to “KonoSuba,” however, the subsequent adventures in “By the Grace of the Gods” are markedly more serious in tone. “By the Grace of the Gods,” on the other hand, is more of a slice-of-life tale, with its hero spending time in the towns he visits and doing good deeds without resorting to violence.

In 2020, an anime adaptation of the light novels is expected to be a commercial success. A new season of the anime “By the Grace of the Gods” has already been confirmed, which is good news for fans.

Season 2 of “By the Grace of the Gods” is set to premiere on Netflix on February 14, 2019.

By The Grace of The Gods Season 2 Release Date

December 20, 2020, is the date when ‘By the Grace of the Gods’ season 1’s 12th and final episode will air. We’ve been waiting for months for assurance that it would be renewed.
The anime’s official website revealed some exciting news in June 2021.

By the Grace of The Gods Season 2

“By The Grace Of The Gods’ Second Season” has been advertised on a website. However, a release date for the new season has yet to be announced at the time of this writing. The anime’s first season premiered in October of that year. As a result, the new season is expected to release sometime on 10 September 2022, during the fall anime season.

Funimation has announced that the upcoming season of ‘By the Grace of the Gods’ would be streamed simultaneously in Japan and the rest of the world. The first season of the anime could be seen on Funimation. Season 2’s English dub may also be handled by the streaming platform.

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By The Grace of The Gods Season 2 Cast

With Azusa Tadokoro, Sauri Hayami, Takito Koasu, and Yaki Kuwahara in the cast, the two seasons will be even more fantastic.

  1.  Azusa Tadokoro as Ryoma Takebayashi
  2. Saori Hayami as Elise
  3. Takehito Koyasu as Reinbach
  4. Yaki Kuwahara as Eliari

By The Grace of The Gods Season 2 Plot

Ryouma Takebayashi, 39, died peacefully in his sleep after sneezing and striking his head on the ground in the middle of the night. He meets three gods in the other world. They decide to award him because he has always been a kind and good person.

An eight-year-old boy is his reward for saving the world from evil. Ryouma’s sole goal in this world is to be himself and have a good time. They promise to watch over and protect Ryouma and grant him the ability to control the elements and boost his physical strength.

By the Grace of The Gods Season 2

Ryouma has been given the ability to control all of the elements by the gods. When he teleports to a wilderness, he begins his new life as a little boy.

Having spent the last three years researching slime, Ryouma has amassed a vast army of slime while honing his magical powers. Although he enjoys his solitary life and comfy cave home, he craves human company.

Ryouma is persuaded to join a group of travelers after healing one of their members who had been hurt, and he leaves the forest behind with his slimes. In a new realm, his magical abilities and slime-catching skills will amaze and impress everyone.

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By The Grace of The Gods Season 2 Trailer


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