Ink Master 14 Release Date Status: Possible Confirmation & Renewal Status in 2022!


Fans of the “Ink Master’s” 13-season saga will remember a difficult year in 2020. Photos of judge Oliver Peck in blackface surfaced around the time of the launch of season 13. Despite the fact that the Paramount Network quickly removed him from the show, he still appeared on the channel because they had already shot the episodes for the forthcoming season.

When the COVID-19 outbreak halted filming of the live finale and the crowning of an “Ink Master,” the season 13 finale was left in a state of limbo. A few weeks after the reality show’s shortened season, it was announced that Season 14 will not be taking place.

Paramount has been moving toward scripted television, but it appears that “Ink Master” was too irresistible to resist. According to Deadline, Paramount has chosen to move on with “Ink Master” Season 14 after all, as the firm continues to promote its new streaming channel, Paramount+.

 Ink Master 14 Release Date

Ink Master has been canceled by Paramount Network. Ink Master’s next final season will be its thirteenth. The second season of the show is not currently in the works at Paramount Network, but you never know.

ink master season 14

Since 10 June 2022, there has been no announcement or schedule for the fourteenth season. Please sign up for updates below and join the discussion in our forums if you’d like to be alerted of any changes. There’s also a page for Ink Master on IMDb.

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 Ink Master 14 Cast

An all-new crop of tattoo artists vying for the chance to earn big money and the title of “Ink Master” will almost probably be featured in the upcoming season.
The topic of who will be evaluating their ability is still open at this moment.

Dave Navarro and Chris Nez are the only surviving judges, as Oliver Peck has announced he would not return. If they haven’t taken any new jobs since the conclusion of the program in 2020, there’s a good possibility they’ll wish to return.

There have been many guest judges on “Ink Master” over the years, therefore it’s possible that one of them will join the show permanently to fill the third judge position.

A new start from the beginning may also be preferred by Paramount. A fresh panel of judges might be brought in to breathe new vitality into future programs.. It’s time for a change after 13 seasons, and bringing in some fresh judges could do the trick.

 Ink Master 14 Plot

Tattoo artists from across the United States have converged in New York City to compete for $100,000 and the title of “INK MASTER” in a competition hosted by Dave Navarro and judged by Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck.

There are no higher stakes in this tournament than the ‘living canvasses’ who are volunteering their flesh to be permanently marked in the elimination. Competition for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master is hosted by rock star Dave Navarro and judged by tattoo legends Chris Nez and Oliver Peck.

ink master season 14

A group of the country’s most imaginative and skilled tattoo artists competes. The stakes in this high-octane competition elimination couldn’t be greater, with living canvasses surrendering their flesh for permanent marking.

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Ink master season 14 Trailer


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