Beyoncé and New Orleans Bounce Music ‘spread out To the World’ at The 2022 Bet Awards, Says Big Freedia.

Big Freedia Talks Working with Beyoncé & Watching New Orleans Bounce Music

After featuring on Beyoncé’s new single “Break My Soul,” Big Freedia showed her fellow queen a lot of love at the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday night (June 26).

The humbleness of her demeanor makes her even more remarkable. People believe she’s just a diva, but she’s actually so nice and warm,” Freedia said on the red carpet at the awards presentation.

“Beyoncé is an inspiration to all of us, and I adore everything she does and the impact she has on the world.”

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Big Freedia Talks Working with Beyoncé & Watching New Orleans Bounce Music

On Queen Bey’s critically acclaimed 2016 album Lemonade, the two collaborated on the song “Formation.” As of July 29, Beyonce’s seventh studio album, Renaissance, has just been released, and “Break My Soul” is the first single off the album.

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Pre-chorus: “Release ya anger, release ya mind/ Release your job, release the time/ Release ya trade, release the stress/ Release the love and forget the rest”: Freedia’s 2014 track “Explode” from her album Just Be Free is sampled in “Break My Soul.

” However, Freedia, the New Orleans bounce music pioneer who helped popularise the sound in the 1990s, is confident that bounce music will have a greater impact on popular culture than Beyonce, and that she isn’t the only superstar using the sound she helped popularise in the 1990s.

Everyone from Meg Thee Stallion to Lizzo to everyone else is doing bounce at the moment. On “culture’s biggest night,” she remarked, “it has undoubtedly touched the culture.” I’ve got City Girls and Saucy Santana for you. As a result of our efforts, we are now seeing the results of those efforts reach a wider audience.


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