Before Working on ‘Knives Out,’ Jamie Lee Curtis Thought Ana De Armas Was ‘Inexperienced’ and ‘Unsophisticated.’

Jamie Lee Curtis Assumed Ana De Armas Was ‘unsophisticated’

Not a good start! On the set of their upcoming film Knives Out, Jamie Lee Curtis has some significant regrets about how she handled meeting Ana De Armas. Ana de Armas’ Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde” has everything you need to know about the star.

It was my mistake to think — and I say this with much shame — that she had just arrived because she was from Cuba. He made the assumption that she was naive and naive,” Curtis claimed in an interview with Elle published on June 13th.

The first time I saw her, I was like, ‘Oh, what are your hopes and desires?'”According to Jamie Lee Curtis, I assumed Ana De Armas would be a ‘no-nonsense kind of girl.’

Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas. Shutterstock’s Eric Charbonneau

Jamie Lee Curtis Assumed Ana De Armas Was ‘unsophisticated’

Armas, a 34-year-old actress who had previously appeared in War Dogs, Blade Runner 2049, and Knock Knock, instantly dispelled the Halloween star’s preconceptions and impressed her.

According to the California native, “She is not as fancy as maybe the advertising would have you believe.” A two-way conversation with her involves both of us giving and receiving information. The fact that she asks so many questions shows that she is inquisitive.

Elle, on the other hand, spoke to Armas about how she felt as a result of watching more American films. When she was in Spain, she felt that she wasn’t a part of the artistic community there, she said.

“I feel that way occasionally when I’m in Cuba,” she said. When I arrive here, I feel as if I have yet to arrive there. Is this a place where I belong? There are few people I’ve ever met. ”

One of Armas’ upcoming projects is Blonde, which features Armas in a young Marilyn Monroe in the role. After seeing her change, Curtis believes the Cuban native was meant to play the role.

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The Scream Queens alum stated, “She gave me a photo of her as Marily.” The images I have of my father and Marilyn from their time together in Some Like It Hot are priceless.

Several images and a video of her moving through space without any sounds were all that was left. However, because she was Marilyn Monroe, it was so surprising. ”

Curtis has already discussed her time on set with her former co-star. It wasn’t until February 2021 that she published an article in honor of Armas’ inclusion in the Times100 Next list in which she was considerably more complimentary about the actress than she had been before.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Assumed Ana De Armas Was ‘unsophisticated’

The first day of filming for Knives Out was the first time I met actress Ana de Armas. Freaky Friday actor Emily Blunt stated that she peered into her “lovely green eyes, which were brimming.

” My first thought upon seeing her was “Who is this?” Her brilliance was undeniable.” It took Curtis only a few seconds before she realized “she didn’t need it,” adding, “One day “we will all be able to remember the moment we first set eyes on her and watch in wonder and excitement as she ascends to the greatest heights our indu


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