An Emerging TikTok Phenomenon: “I Was Born a Dog, I Identify as a Dog”

The “can I pet that dog” TikTok from over a year ago still has people captivated on social media. Did you know, though, that the original clip has now been taken down?

Viral videos on TikTok are commonplace, and the positive feedback you receive from an engaged audience is a great motivator to keep making videos. However, becoming a public figure on the internet can have negative consequences, such as being the target of cyberbullying.

This is exactly what occurred with this TikTok; a really popular and endearing video had to be deleted because of hateful comments.

Where can I pet the dog? a video shared on the app Tiktok


The sight of this adorable little boy is guaranteed to bring back happy memories of that long-lost treasure.

We have no doubt that you will recall how many times you have laughed at this guy’s “Can I pet that dog TikTok” within the first few seconds of watching the video.

And even now, after several months have passed, the number of people who have seen the video continues to grow every day.

That’s a surefire indicator of a professionally made viral video.

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Sharing happiness is its own reward.

We’ll assume you’re not familiar with how TikTok functions and explain it to you now. In this scenario, the young child asks, “Can I pet that dog?”

Is a Sample Taken from A Film and Used in A Tik Tok Creation. Because of this, several others made their own parodies of the popular video.

So many different people have uploaded TikTok videos to YouTube with the same identical sound effect. Two policemen are used as an example. In the footage, a woman can be heard asking the man carrying the dog, “Can I pet that dog?” with her mouth.

The “Can I pet that dog?” TIKTOK means what, exactly?

Can I pet that dog? was originally shared on TikTok on October 2, 2019, by user @kayholleyy, and it quickly became a fan favorite.

The video of the cute little boy wanting to pet his new puppy before bedtime has been viewed millions of times and has gone viral on social media. The more he asks, “may I pet that dog?” the louder he gets.

In subsequent videos, it was discovered that the family had recently adopted a Yorkie from a rescue organization, but the mother, Kayla, was hesitant to introduce the dog to her little son right away due to the rescue dog’s nervous disposition. Which explains his frantic need to pet the dog in the video.

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Where did you find the “I’m just a baby” recording?


The audio for “I’m only a baby” was reportedly produced by Jordan Faeh, a mother, as reported by The Tab. She is the brains behind the popular Instagram account Little.Blooming.Women, which has over 303,000 followers.

TikTok audio fame doesn’t protect you from the app’s wrath, however. Jordan uploaded a video on Little. Blooming, a clone of TikTok, in March of 2022. Women2 said that the first account had been closed to her.

When Jordan went to access his account recently, he was met with the message, “TikTok has permanently banned your account without warning or explanation.”

She explained that she had contacted the app’s support team multiple times without success and had instead turned to her listeners for assistance in retrieving her account.

Thankfully, it appears that Jordan has regained access to the account, as new videos date back to May 2022. More than eighty million people have watched the “I’m just a baby” video on the original account.

While it’s true that Jordan’s focus has been on Coco, she also has three other daughters. According to her Instagram, she and her family live somewhere in the middle of the United States, and she homeschools her children at what she calls the Bloom & Grow Schoolhouse.

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