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LG TV Remote App: 5 Best Apps Who Control Your Control LG’s WebOS Like a Champ!

In the world of smart TV platforms, LG’s WebOS is a breath of fresh air. The app bar and interface are easy to use, emphasizing a straightforward yet efficient design. Finding your favorite apps is simple. In fact, WebOS is ranked as the best smart TV platform by reputable tech reviews websites like TechRadar and AndroidAuthority.

In terms of quality and software, LG Smart TVs stand out from the competition. Due to the fact that their remotes are different from those of other TVs, there are drawbacks. Yes, one of the greatest universal remotes can be used with LG TVs, but sometimes you just need a backup for the LG remote.

You won’t be able to duplicate the pointer feature that distinguishes the LG Magic Remote if your remote breaks or disappears between your couch cushions. For your benefit, you can download various apps to your smart device that will mimic this, so you won’t even need to consider getting a new LG Smart TV remote.

1 – LG TV Plus: Best WebOS Remote App

Choose this one if you want my advice on the top remote control apps for LG TVs running WebOS. It is without a doubt the best alternative remote for WebOS. Your LG Smart TV is seamlessly integrated. You might even want to throw away your Magic Remote entirely.

LG TV Remote App

It may take some getting used to using the cursor on your Magic Remote. It is transformed into a touchpad on the LGTV Plus software, which essentially performs the same functions as a laptop trackpad. Even opening your TV app list will not interfere with your ability to watch because there won’t be a menu bar.

It’s undoubtedly a useful second screen that you can only use to operate your TV. This remote app is equipped with everything you require, plus more, whether you’re watching live TV, browsing Netflix, or switching to your console.

2 – Smartify: Best Physical Remote Alternative

The Smartify app might not have the most eye-catching design of the lot. However, it has so many useful features that I believe you’ll grow to love it very fast. It integrates perfectly with the WebOS operating system and has a touchpad that lets you utilize the LG cursor for better accessibility and navigation.

The program also accepts input via a digital keyboard that appears on the screen of your phone. Your favorite shows and other stuff are much easier to find thanks to this feature. In order to minimize the disruption on your TV screen, you’ll also benefit from an app list that eliminates the need to access LG’s apps menu.

3 – Smart Remote Apps by Quanticapps: Best for Multiple TVs

You may get rid of all your remotes with this Quanticapps LG TV remote software. If you have many TVs, this app really elevates the experience. It features great visuals and all the controls you need to operate your LG TV are right there. Of course, the WebOS touchpad is available for simple navigation.

LG TV Remote App

Additionally, you receive the app and channel list, allowing you to quickly navigate between any content by tapping your finger. The fact that Quanticapps went above and beyond to provide an Apple Watch connection is one of the app’s best features. Your smartwatch can now manage every TV in your house, which is very Buck Rodgers!

4 – LG Smart TV Remote: Best for Casting Content

This wonderful software is next on my list of the best remote controls for LG TVs. This is fantastic software to get if you misplaced or broke your LG remote, especially if you enjoy casting entertainment from your phone. It makes sharing anything simpler, including pictures, movies, music, and even papers.

Now, it’s also a useful remote app that you can use from your phone if you’re not the kind to share anything on the big screen. You won’t feel as if you are missing your physical remote because it has all of the buttons. Additionally, a trackpad is included, which makes using WebOS entertaining.

5 – Sure Universal Remote: Best for Smart Home

The Sure app still works as a remote even though it is not specifically designed for LG WebOS TVs. However, it does offer some benefits, since it is a great tool for managing your entire smart home setup. The Sure universal remote is for your entire house, not just your TV.

LG TV Remote App

I believe you could really enjoy this app if you’re a fan of smart homes and have connected devices. Although it lacks fancy touchpads and keyboards, it does have voice controls and routines that let you switch between stations and dim your lights at the same time.

Wrap-Up: Which LG TV Remote App is Best?

I’m hoping that one of these top remote apps for LG TVs is the ideal fit for your needs, whether you decide to use the specialized LG WebOS remote or not. Choose the first software on my list if you’re looking for a simple remote app to replace the LG Magic Remote.

Check out the Sure remote at number five above if smart home control is a problem. Have you ever used any of these or other LG TV apps that you simply cannot live without? Please let me know if there are any other apps you adore that I’ve forgotten to mention in the comments section below.

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