Steam Game Sharing

Here’s How To Share Your Steam Library With Friends and Family!

Want to know how to share Steam games? In the past, you couldn’t do that because Steam games are digital files that you can’t bring to a friend’s place. We use Steam Family Library Sharing instead in the current world. It lets other people play the games in your Steam library and use your Steam library.

As the name suggests, this is great if you have a family and only want to buy one game for each brother, sister, parent, and grandparent. When you share a library, the other person can download your games and play them on their computer. If you have a game in your Steam library that a friend or family member has been looking at for a while.

If You’ve mentioned a game and someone has strongly suggested that they want to borrow it, you can lend it to them. Well, you can do all of that now that Steam Family Sharing lets you share your games. So, how does it work? Here’s how to sign up for Steam and how to share games.

How to Share Your Games on Steam

Steam Game Sharing

Set up Steam Family Library Sharing if you want to share games on Steam. First, you need to make sure that Steam Guard is being used to protect your account. You can turn this on by clicking on Settings in the Steam menu. In the settings box, go to the Account tab to turn on Steam Guard.

When you turn on Steam Guard, you can start letting other people use your Steam files on their computers.  To do this, log into Steam on a computer that belongs to a friend or family member, click the Steam menu, and then click Settings. Click Family in this window, and then click the box next to “Allow Library sharing on this computer.”

Lastly, log out of your Steam account and let your friend or family member log into their own account. In their own Games tab, they will now be able to see your Steam Library. Now, all they have to do to play the games they want is download them and run them.

Steam Game Sharing

Family Library Sharing on Steam has some rules. You can only let up to 10 computers use your games at the same time. Your library is also shared with a computer, not a Steam account. This means that games can only be played on PCs that you approve of, not on any computer that a friend logs into.

You can only use a shared library when it’s not being used by the owner. This means that if you share your library and are playing a game at the same time, your friends and family can’t use your collection to play a different game. When you want to play a game but someone else is using your library, Steam gives you priority.

The other person who is using the library will have the choice of buying the game to keep playing or going back to their PC. Lastly, you can’t share all of the games in your library. The Division is a good example. Since it’s made by Ubisoft, it actually starts up through Uplay, even though you bought it from Steam. Uplay doesn’t have a method like this, so it can’t be shared.

How Does Steam’s “Share” Feature Work?

Steam Game Sharing

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Let’s look at how the sharing function works before we start to use it. As the name suggests, Steam’s Family Sharing feature lets other people play games from your Steam library without having to pay for them. Once you turn on the feature, all of the games in your Steam library will also be in your friend’s account.

You can give access to up to 5 accounts and 10 devices, and each person can play games and earn their own achievements. Note, though, that Steam won’t let you choose which games to share; your whole library will be available through Family Sharing.

Keep this in mind if you have games in your library with sensitive content, since parental controls don’t work here. The biggest downside to this feature is that you and other people won’t be able to play any games from your library while someone else is playing a game from your library.

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