Why Is My Tiktok Not Working: How To Fix Tik Tok when It Stops Working

why is my tiktok not working


TikTok is one of the most popular social media right now, with over 1 billion users. Video sharing website that allows everyone to upload and view videos.

TikTok, however, experiences bugs and other hiccups much like any other software. Issues like these can make it difficult for users to do their jobs. The inability to use TikTok is one example of such a problem.

While it is everyone’s hope that their products will run well, occasionally problems do arise.

If the issue is with the app itself, you will have to wait for the developer to address it. However, you can attempt these remedies to see whether something on your device or elsewhere is causing the issue.

This post may be of use if you, too, are having trouble with TikTok.

To reset TikTok,

why is my tiktok not working

The software may stop working properly for a short time due to a momentary issue or a bug. Restarting the app or the device usually fixes these relatively minor problems.

Close the tab in the background and log out of the program. Launch the program once more. In case that doesn’t work, try restarting your phone.

In order to restart all of the phone’s services and resources, you must power down the device and then power it back on again.

If you want your software to perform smoothly, you should close any background processes that aren’t necessary and clear your memory.

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Connection to the Internet

You can’t use TikTok unless you have access to the internet. Therefore, the program may not function properly if the user does not have access to the internet or if their network connection is unreliable. Sometimes, movies will load but never play, or the same video will play indefinitely.

Verify that your electronic gadget is properly connected to the web. Verify your network connectivity (both wifi and cellular data).

The app itself may be blocked by your company’s IT department. If this is the case, you should try using your mobile data plan instead.

The App Needs an Update

Common problems with earlier releases are addressed via updates. Improvements to the software in the form of new features or alterations are sometimes bundled in as well.

The program may have a number of problems, though, if updates aren’t installed.

If you’re having trouble using the TikTok app, it could be because you’re using an older version. Check for updates on the Google PlayStore or, if you’re an iPhone user, the AppStore.

If you haven’t previously done so, you may enable automatic app updates to ensure that your apps are always running the most recent version.

Verifying an Internet Connection

As a first step, verify that you can connect to the web. If your connection is slow, a speed test with one of our recommended applications will help you figure out whether or not it’s due to a poor Wi-Fi signal. If you suspect a connectivity issue, trying switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data can help you determine if that is the case.

One should retry the program.


The problem may be remedied simply by quitting the app and relaunching it. Don’t merely dismiss the app by returning to the home screen; close it completely first. Your mobile device can also be reset entirely. If you’re using a Samsung device, for instance, you can refer to this page for assistance.

Go over the latest updates

Make sure you’re always using the most recent app version available. TikTok could stop functioning properly if this isn’t the case.

To manage your apps and devices on Android, open the Play Store. Then, click the Updates available link. Find the TikTok update down below. The absence of TikTok indicates that you are using the most recent release.

Launch the App Store on your iOS device and look for TikTok. If an update is available, you will be prompted to upgrade the app when reading its description.

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Delete app history

In many cases, you can fix app stuttering, freezing, or crashing by erasing its data and cache. More room in your closet or basement could be created. Clear the cache by selecting Profile in the lower right, then the three-line icon in the upper right.


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