Who Is Tom Schwartz Dating

Is Tom Schwartz Dating His Secret Girlfriend Jo Wenberg After Divorce?

Tom Schwartz is an extremely famous reality TV star who got his start on the show Vanderpump Rules. He’s been famous for a while, and his private life has always been fodder for speculation. Fans’ interest in Tom has been piqued recently due to allegations that he is dating a hairstylist named Jo Wenberg Source.

This article will investigate Tom Schwartz’s romantic history in an effort to debunk the widespread speculation that he is romantically involved with Jo Wenberg. Schwartz revealed to Scheana Shay on this week’s episode of the Bravo reality show that he and Wenberg.

who has been with the group constantly since 2015, had been up until 4 a.m. But he said there was never any sexual contact between the two of them. He told the source that he and Wenberg are not living together or dating, but that they are simply good friends.

Who Is Tom Schwartz Dating?

In Recent Times, Rumors Have Been Circulating that Tom Schwartz Is Dating a Hairstylist Named Jo Wenberg Tom. However, has denied the validity of these claims publicly. Tom has stated in a recent interview that he and Jo Wenberg are merely friends and not a dating couple. Tom claimed that he and Jo had been friends for many years, but that they are not romantically involved with one another.

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Are Tom Schwartz and Jo Wenberg dating?

Speaking with Tom Sandoval in their popular Hollywood hangout, Schwartz & Sandy’s, the star of Basically Stassi gushed, “Jo is a kickass hairstylist. She seems like she must have a good heart. In the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo.

Tom told Scheana Shay that he had spent the night before “hanging out” with Wenberg, a frequent collaborator with the show’s characters since 2015. Tom Schwartz has always denied having a sexual encounter with Jo. “We’re not living together and we’re not dating either,” he said when asked about his relationship with Wenberg.

Who Is Tom Schwartz Dating?

But she’s simply someone I love very much, and she’s a really lovely human being, so we’re just hanging around, he explained. In July of 2022, Bravo cameras overheard Tom and Shay discussing Jo Wenberg. Yet, the two were seen together at a concert in Los Angeles in December, which was featured in Raquel Leviss’ Instagram Stories, leading some of her fans to speculate that they were more than just friends.

Tom Schwartz Is Not Ready for Another Relationship Right Now

After his breakup with Katie Maloney, The Schwartz & Sandy’s co-founder told Us Weekly that he was not ready for another relationship. He had a brief fling with Raquel Leviss during the filming of Season 10. Tom: “I ended a 12-year relationship just a few months ago.

I can’t commit and I can’t start a new relationship at this time. That wouldn’t be fair to the other person because I’m kind of distracted with, like, business and my family, and I’m kind of falling in love with myself all over again. Tom Schwarts and Jo Wenberg’s Romantic History.

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When Did Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Split?

It was announced in the spring of 2022 that Tom and Katie, who had been married for five years, were divorcing. In October of the following year, they finalized their separation. A recent episode of “Pump Rules” featured Katie saying that the split was partially due to Schwartz’s dedication to his new bar.

As much as I want to be happy for Tom, this pub has a troubled history, she admitted behind closed doors. Tom Schwarts and Jo Wenberg’s Romantic History Our communication was greatly hindered, she went on to say.

Who Is Tom Schwartz Dating

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