who is whitney cummings dating

“From Comedian to Lover”: Who Is Whitney Cummings Dating? Who Is the Lucky One?

Whitney Cummings works as a model, an actress, a comedian, a writer, and a producer. She is probably best known as an actress for her role in “Whitney,” which ran from 2011 to 2013. As a producer, she made a lot of money from the success of the show “2 Broke Girls,” which she helped make and ran from 2011 to 2017. Who is her boyfriend, or who is she seeing right now? all the information we gave in this article.

Who Is Whitney Cummings Dating?

Alex Barnes has been Whitney Cummings’s boyfriend for a considerable amount of time at this point. Since the beginning of their relationship, she has occasionally mentioned her partner in a romantic context in her Instagram stories. Even though the pandemic broke up a lot of relationships, Cummings was lucky enough to find a loving boyfriend in veterinarian Alex Barnes.

who is whitney cummings dating

In August 2021, during the comedian’s interview on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, the host asked her about the first time she met the man who would later become her boyfriend.

“Alex is a veterinarian, and when he saw me, he came out to say hello. And started to help me right away. “And he’s about 31 years old, so he’s younger than me,” she said. “He’s also pretty.”

Whitney Cummings imagines that she and Alex Barnes will get married and have a child. When the comedian was in Anaheim, California, as part of his Touch Me Tour, Cummings and Barnes had only been dating for three months. Whitney Cummings has told Instagram stories about her boyfriend Alex Barnes more than once. Whitney Cummings has talked about her boyfriend Alex Barnes in her Instagram stories more than once.

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Whitney Cummings Was Engaged to Her Longtime Boyfriend

Whitney Cummings couldn’t believe it when her longtime boyfriend asked her to marry him, and she said yes. Miles Skinner, Whitney’s boyfriend, asked Cummings about her birthday on September 4, 2018. According to the reports and her Instagram post, Miles could be seen kneeling down in front of King, the horse she rescued. The comedian shared a video on her social media to mark the event.

who is whitney cummings dating

But again, Whitney’s funny response to the proposal never failed to make us laugh. We could tell that the comedian had no idea what was going on because she said she would have gotten a manicure if she had known.

Well, that’s an odd way to say “Yes,” but that’s why we love Cummings and her strange sense of humor. This was one of the most important things in the comedian’s life because it was the first time she talked about her boyfriend in public.

Before Whitney said yes to Miles, they kept their relationship very quiet. The comedian is definitely private about her personal life. After her proposal went viral, the 37-year-old went back to living a private life, and the two people she loves haven’t said when they will get married.

Whitney Was in Other Relationships Before She Began Seeing Miles

In 2012, the stand-up comic was totally in love with Peter Berg. The two of them looked great together like they were meant to be together.

But after a year, they chose to go their separate ways. Whitney was heartbroken after her breakup, and she said in an interview that it was one of the most painful ones of her life.

who is whitney cummings dating

Some people thought that after Whitney Cummings broke up with Peter Berg in 2014, she began dating Kerry Rhodes. But there isn’t much evidence to back up this claim, and her supposed relationship didn’t last more than a year.

Then, when Cummings had given up all hope, she met Miles Skinner, the love of her life. The two started dating but kept it a secret for a long time. On September 4, 2018, Skinner finally asked her to marry him. Whitney said she was getting married in 2018, but she and her ex-fiance are no longer together.

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Alex Barnes has been her boyfriend for a long time at this point. She has talked about her partner in a romantic way in her Instagram stories since the beginning of their relationship. Even though the pandemic broke up a lot of relationships, Cummings was lucky enough to meet veterinarian Alex Barnes, who became her loving boyfriend. in a clever way

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