Taylor Swift Dating

“Taylor Swift Dating Joe Alwyn”: A Love Story Of Their 6-Year Relationship!

The six-year relationship between Taylor Swift and British actor Joe Alwyn is said to be incredibly serious for both parties involved. Obviously, Taylor is well-known for not so quietly spilling the beans about exes in her music. It seems not in this case.

It was right before the release of her album that they were caught making a rare public appearance together. The actress recently disclosed that her current boyfriend and co-writer was the inspiration for the album’s lead single “Midnights,” which was released on October 21.

Taylor initially heard the phrase while watching Mad Men, and it inspired the title of the song. “It was a prevalent expression in the ’50s when they would basically describe being in love,” she wrote on Instagram. In other words, it’s the warm warmth of love.”

Who is Taylor Swift Dating?

Almost soon after Taylor Swift and actor Joe Alwyn began dating more than Six years ago, it became evident that the couple had come to an agreement: their relationship would be an intimate but secret one, and they would be a united front in maintaining that privacy.

However, a couple with a love story like Swift and Alwyn’s couldn’t remain private forever, and the two have been much more open about their relationship since 2020. Swift has confirmed that Alwyn, using the alias William Bowery, co-wrote two songs about folklore.

Taylor Swift Dating

Three Songs from her most recent album, evermore. As we sift through the data, scroll down to see a timeline of their relationship leading up to their work together on Swift’s ninth album and the growing speculation that they are engaged.

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Timeline of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship

Nonetheless, Taylor’s latest album has appearances from more than just Joe. Though I celebrate her present romantic success, I must not overlook the men who came before them or the epic songs they inspired. This partnership is the culmination of a long and difficult journey for a girlfriend.

They Meet at The Met Gala: May 2, 2016

The exact day when Swift and Joe Alwyn first crossed paths is unknown. On her 2017 album Reputation, she sings a song called “Dress,” and fans think it may be about the first time she and her future husband met. Consider these lyrics: “Remember the first time we met, your hair buzzed and mine bleached.”

Taylor Swift Dating

Swift did, in fact, bleach her hair for the Met Gala, and Alwyn buzzed his. Swift was still seeing Harris on the night she met Hiddleston, danced silly with him in a viral video, and ignited the rebound that was heard ’round the world. Tay had quite the night.

Alwyn Opens up A Teeny Bit About Their Relationship: Dec. 7, 2018

Alwyn gave a tiny tidbit of information regarding his relationship with Swift, just to shake things up, and then he said he didn’t want to talk about it. When he began dating Swift, Esquire inquired if he sought advice from pals.

Taylor Swift Dating

I didn’t go looking for help with that,” he admitted. This is because I am aware of my own reaction to it. There’s a distinct boundary between what someone should share (or feel obligated to reveal) and what they don’t want to (or shouldn’t).

Alwyn Shares an Adorable Picture of Home Life with Swift

On Friday, November 25th, Alwyn posted a snapshot on Instagram Stories of what appears to be his own ankle, with a black and white kitty cat curled up next to it. Benjamin the cat is apparently Taylor Swift’s pet.

It may have been shot at a different time or in a different locale since the rest of his stories from that day were all set in various locations. However, it was Thanksgiving holiday, the ideal time to spend cuddling with your significant other and cat under the covers.

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Swift and Alwyn Share Sweet Public Nods with Each Other

Swift included a record copy of “Mastermind,” a song widely believed to be about Alwyn, with the constellations of both their astrological signs in the background of her “Lavender Haze” music video as a hidden nod to him.

A few days later, Alwyn posted a string of Instagram Stories that chronicled various moments in his life. One of them made reference to Swift by including her cat Meredith in an otherwise unseen scene from their daily lives:

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