who is gizelle dating

“Gizelle Bryant’s Love Life”: An Unfolding Romance

Gizelle Annette Bryant is an American model, TV host, and author. She has been on The Real Housewives of Potomac since 2016, and before that, she was the First Lady of Empowerment Temple AME.

Gizele Bryant is a socialite and reality star who appears on the hit show “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Bryant is the main character on RHOP. She has been on the show ever since it started.

In the same way, Bryant’s rise to fame began with her journey on the TV show. The first episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac aired on Bravo TV on January 17, 2016. The show is also based on the lives of women who live in Potomac.


Gizelle Bryant was born on September 9, 1970, in Houston, Texas, as Gizelle Graves. Her parents, Curtis and Joanne Graves were former politicians and civil rights activists. She has a degree in marketing from Hampton University, which she got in 1992.

who is gizelle dating

Gizelle Bryant is best known for being on The Real Housewives of Potomac, a reality TV show that started on Bravo in January 2016. She grew up in a well-known and powerful family in Washington, DC, which made her want to work in government and help people. She got her degree from Hampton University and then got married to Jamal Bryant, a pastor at a big church.

Gizelle lived in Baltimore for seven years, until her marriage ended and she moved back to Potomac with her three daughters, Grace, Angel, and Adore. Bryant works for the city council of Birmingham, Alabama. He helps bring in money for the city and for charities. She is also making a line of makeup that came out in 2016. EveryHue Beauty is the name of the makeup line, and its main goal is to make products for women of color.

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Who Is Gizelle Bryant Dating?

Gizelle Bryant from The Real Housewives of Potomac said that she recently went on a date with Jason Cameron from Winter House.

who is gizelle dating

Gizelle said that the outing, which was first reported by Bravo fan account Bravo and Cocktails, “was definitely a date.” She also said that Ashley Darby and Luke Gulbranson, who used to be together, set them up. Gizelle told Today that she was going out with Jason because “he’s a great guy.” “We have a great time.”

As for Gizelle’s love life, she denied rumors that she went out with Cynthia Bailey’s ex-boyfriend Peter Thomas at the end of last year. In a recent interview with BravoTV.com, her daughters, whom she raises with her ex-husband Jamal Bryant, talked about her love life.

Ashley confirmed on a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” that she and Luke broke up after meeting at “BravoCon 2022”. During her appearance on WWHL this month, Ashley said, “Luke and I are no longer together romantically.” “My life is very hard, as you can probably guess.”

She also said, “I’m going through a very hard time. Luke was a brave guy who went through a lot, believe me.”

Gizelle Bryant Dating History

Gizelle Bryant married Jamal Harrison Bryant in 2002. At the time, this was a big event in her love life. Jamal is the pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church, which is a black church. Reports say that Gizelle and Jamal met for the first time at the national headquarters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

who is gizelle dating

When they met for the first time, they were both working hard for civil rights and social justice. From what I’ve heard, the couple lived together for 7 years and then broke up. According to the sources, Gizelle and Jamal got a divorce in 2009 because Jamal cheated on her.

They also have two kids together, a daughter named Vivian Lake Brady and a son named Benjamin Rein. In 2010, Gizelletalked to Love magazine about how becoming a mother had changed her. “Oh, my god. That much. “It’s a cliche, but there’s nothing bigger,” she told him at the time.

“Love happens right there with your child. You look at them and think, “Oh my God, I love you more than anything.” I want to give him the best of myself. I want him to one day look at me and say, “That’s my mom.” I don’t want him to say that his mother did well as a model. I want him to say that she took care of him and that she was a good per

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  • Tom Brady (2006 – 2022)
  • Josh Hartnett (2006)
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  • Scott Barnhill (1999)

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Gizelle Bryant’s dating life has been a source of much speculation and interest among her fans and the media. Even though she’s been married and split up before. Gizelle is still a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, and reality TV star, and her lively personality and fearless attitude continue to draw people in.

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