Josh Flagg Dating

Josh Flagg Dating: What “Million Dollar Listing” Star Say About His New Boyfriend?

Josh Flagg is an agent, TV personality, and author. He is well-known for his role as a cast member on the hit reality show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which chronicles the lives of real estate salespeople working to sell luxury properties in the Los Angeles area. Other works of his include the 2017 book Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream and several others on real estate.

Josh Flagg is well-known not only for his success in the real estate industry but also for the many charitable endeavors in which he has been actively engaged. The show presents him as a prosperous agent for luxury properties in the Los Angeles area. Flagg has written a memoir on his time in the real estate business.

Josh Flagg Dating

As of the year 2023, Josh Flagg is, in fact, dating someone. He’s been with his long-time boyfriend, Andrew Beyer, for a while now. Josh Flagg’s significant other’s name is Andrew Beyer, and they’re in a committed relationship. They’ve been together for a while, and they’re very open about their relationship on social media.

Josh Flagg Dating

Famous for his role on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” on Bravo, real estate agent Josh Flagg is also a well-known TV personality. His relationship with Andrew is just one aspect of his life that he regularly updates his followers on via social media.

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What Did Josh Have to Say About His New Boyfriend Beyer?

The 36-year-old man told People all about his breakup with Bobby during a conversation. Following his breakup with Bobby, he began dating again. Being a married woman, I had no interest in dating again. After Bobby and I ended our marriage, we finally went on our first date.

Flagg said, “We were pals for a while. Its development occurred naturally. The guy is great, and I like him a lot. He then revealed that his new man is likewise involved in the real estate industry. Josh’s positive developments in his life give us hope. Don’t miss out on breaking news and tidbits from Hollywood by not checking in with us regularly.

Josh Flagg and Andrew Beyer Relationship Timeline

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Josh Flagg has a new boo named Andrew Beyer, and they just made it official. Flagg began dating his current Boyfriend after his secret divorce from his ex-wife and spouse of nearly five years, Bobby Boyd, became public. Flagg claims that he and Beyer were acquaintances for five years before they started dating.

Following Flagg’s breakup with Boyd, they began dating after having been friends for some time. Flagg has claimed that Beyer is a “really good guy” and that he has a deep fondness for him. In March of 2023, Flagg and Boyd announced their separation, citing “growing apart and seeking different things in life” as the reason for the split rather than a lack of love.

Josh Flagg Dating

Flagg claims to still have profound feelings for Boyd and a great deal of respect for him despite their breakup. Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd got engaged in 2016 and married the following year at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Nonetheless, Flagg confirmed the split via Instagram in March of 2022.

He claimed that the breakup was not the result of a lack of love, but rather the result of each party developing separately and pursuing separate goals. Flagg thanked everyone and gushed about Boyd in an expression of his affection and admiration for him.

Boyd replied that he will never forget his time with Flagg and that they did their best to work things out before they broke up. Flagg, also known as Joshua Daniel Flagg, is a real estate agent, television personality, author, and contributor to numerous real estate periodicals and news outlets.

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Divorce With Bobby

The couple wed at the Beverly Hills Hotel in September 2017. In March of 2022, Josh revealed that he and his husband, Bobby Boyd, were divorcing. The news of their breakup was verified by him on Instagram. He had written, “Bobby and I are divorcing. This may come out as abrupt, but I’d rather be up-forward about it than hide it in the fine print. This was not a hasty or spontaneous choice.”

Josh and his ex-husband Bobby Boyd issued a joint statement on Instagram in March to confirm their separation. The reason for their breakup was that they “were evolving in different directions,” as the celebrity said. Each had “desiring quite diverse stuff for themselves,” but their love and respect for one another remained strong.

Bobby’s congratulations to the happy couple were included in a Star Influx LA video shared on Twitter. According to him, they recently bought a house together. But, after being married for almost five years, the pair no longer speaks to one another. On Instagram, Josh revealed that he still considered Bobby a family member despite their breakup.

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