What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 18?


Davinci Resolve is widely seen as the world-leader in color correction, motion/audio post production, editing, and visual effects. This makes it one of the most powerful all-in-one editing solutions on the market today for A/V professionals looking to make the best of their work. It’s even been used in the film industry. With the brand-new DaVinci 18 update now released, what’s different and what’s the same? We take a look.

The DaVinci 18 Update Broken Down

Many users have been hyped for this new release, which has promised to be one of the most major in recent years. Most of the new innovations focus on making working with DaVinci in the cloud easier, especially as our workplaces get more remote and peer-to-peer sharing in a safe and protected environment becomes a cornerstone of business.

In DaVinci Resolve 18 you will now find fully cloud-based workflows to make collaboration more seamless. Real-time collaboration with multiple users, no matter their global location, is now a reality when you host project libraries. It’s quite an improvement over DaVinci Resolve 17, although that remains a strong program too.

Improved Proxies and Support

In order to speed editing workflow, we also see the new Blackmagic Proxy generator enter the scene. This links the proxies to the camera originals, supporting faster editing. With the improved file tree, you can link originals easily, work with proxies for faster response, and then relink in the click of a button to your originals to produce work at the grade you need.

They’ve also onboarded support for the popular Apple M1 Ultra, reducing your cloud computing costs through a more powerful image-processing engine.

Of course, no update would be complete without new library effects, either. Stand-out entries here include the 3D depth map (allowing easy grading of foreground and background), the ‘ultra beauty’ filter, and the GPU acceleration applied to Fusion paint. They’ve also added Fairlight to FlexBus conversion, improved subtitling (editors will be happy) and real-time playback for title templates.Lastly, the intuitive object mask now automatically tracks thousands of items, from people to animals, objects, and more, making masking a dream (and lowering production costs, too).

Intelligent Media Management

To further boost your collaborative efforts, DaVinci has boosted its media management library to new levels. Gone are the days of manual relinking and searching for your assets. Instead, you can now quick-link media to any chosen unique file path. Reduce the time spent sorting and searching your assets, and spend that time on your creative output.

With the renewed focus on easier collaboration, you can also now receive immediate color change and editorial updates, even in remotely hosted project libraries. This means you can make your creative decisions in real time, and deploy those changes seamlessly.

You can also now globally livestream the DaVinci Resolve Studio Viewer via Decklink. With low latency and 10-bit quality images, remote color grading and editing allows for a seamless feedback process everyone can access with ease.

There’s even more new features in DaVinci Resolve 18 for you to enjoy, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of the new upgrade and enjoy even more functionality from one of the world’s best editing programs- now with added cloud integration that makes collaboration seamless and simple.


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