what does bms mean on tiktok

What Does ‘BMS’ Mean on Tik Tok and How to Use It?

Yet another acronym has been created by TikTokers. Keep in mind that the next time you see “BMS” in your comment box, it’s praise regarding your appearance, so be happy about it.

People rating each other’s attractiveness seems almost unavoidable in our image-obsessed culture, which is only compounded by the visual nature of social media. TikTok users have even taken up the incels’ racist and sexist beauty standards that they see being employed by incels.

There are unavoidable drawbacks to all this, but it seems like most of the time, this is just a bunch of kids messing around.

On TikTok, what does “BMS” stand for?

On TikTok, what does "BMS" stand for?

It literally means “broke my scale.” It has nothing to do with how much someone weighs. It alludes to the subjective grading system that many people use to assess the attractiveness of others. This is the pinnacle of flattery that may be bestowed onto a person.

In response to TikTok posts featuring attractive persons, users often type “BMS” to express their disappointment that the subject of the post cannot be ranked higher on their personal “scale” of attractiveness.

So, if someone writes “BMS” as a remark on one of your selfies, you can rest assured that they think you’re the best.

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The Most Commonly Used Internet Jargon

In all honesty, there are a lot of them. Obviously, I just employed another bit of jargon unique to the world wide web. To Be Honest, or TBH for short, is an abbreviation that indicates the claim being made is one that can be trusted to be true.

The acronym BRB is one of the most common online abbreviations. Be Right Back (or BRB) is an abbreviation for “will be right back” or “I will be back in a moment.” BTW stands for “By the way,” while LMK is an abbreviation for “Let me know.”

The acronyms FYI (For Your Information), DM (Direct Message), and AMA (Ask Me Anything) are just a few examples. On Twitter, TL stands for Timeline, RT for ReTweet, and TBT for hashtags, all of which refer to Thursdays in the past.

There are also some handy words, such as “CEO of it,” which refers to the person who is the best at doing that particular item. Big Yikes also signifies wow, which is way more than yikes or even an inflated version of yikes.

There has been an increase in the use of slang terms, however, it can be difficult to decipher these acronyms without knowing the full meaning of the original term. There’s a plethora of similar terms, but it’s likely that many of them can be guessed using only logic.

“OMG” stands for “Oh My God” and many other similar expressions. Such popular terms can be guessed simply by listening to the flow of the discussion. And, of course, ROFL can be used interchangeably with LOL. When you’re so laughing hard that you’re literally rolling on the floor, it’s a ROFL.

A Few Abbreviations for TikTok

Social media, within the bounds of the various applications, is rife with jargon and abbreviations that have specific meanings. In order to survive in the ocean of approval ratings, you’ll need to learn a new language involving anything from yellow hearts to farm animals.

Internet jargon has developed since it is now used for so much of our daily conversation. Compared to other languages, this one is much more casual and uses several abbreviations. Bear in mind, before venturing into the world of Internet English, that much Internet slang is misspelled or used incorrectly.

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With regards to Bms on Tiktok, do men and women generally use different “Scales?”

With regards to Bms on Tiktok, do men and women generally use different "Scales?"

Scientists at Wake Forest University found that men are more likely to agree on whether or not someone is attractive, according to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on June 27, 2009.

Men tend to agree on the attractiveness or unattractiveness of others much more than women do, reports Science Daily. This research shows that there is a measurable correlation between men’s levels of agreement on which women are attractive and vice versa.

Over the course of the experiment, 4,000 people were shown images of a variety of people. They were given a scale from 1 to 10 and asked to rate their own beauty there.

The most striking thing about the study is probably that the researchers got paid to conduct a chat that more than a few males have had in hushed tones while hiding in a noisy bar.

According to the findings, “Men’s ratings of women’s attractiveness were mostly focused on physical traits, and they evaluated slender and seductive women highly. Images of women projecting confidence were ranked higher by the male participants of the study.

There was a much larger variation in women’s opinions of beautiful guys. In general, women who evaluated men gave higher ratings than those who were leaner and more muscular, but their assessments of the overall attractiveness of the men in the study were mixed.

When asked to rate the beauty of men, some women rated those who other women found unattractive very highly.

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