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Could Hallie Jackson, a Well-Known Anchor for NBC News, Be Expecting Her First Child?

Famous American journalist Hallie Jackson serves as NBC News’ Senior Washington reporter, a regular host on MSNBC and NBC News Now, and sometimes host on Today. She currently holds the position of anchor for MSMBC, the cable arm of NBC News.

The famous journalist has one daughter who brightens her life. The correspondent’s life was turned upside down when she gave birth to her first child during the lockdown.

Afterward, she created the documentary series “Covid One Year Later: Life After Lockdown,” which focused on moms and infants born during the outbreak.

Is Hallie Jackson Pregnant?

Hallie Jackson recently revealed that she plans to have a baby in 2020.

TODAY with Willie Geist’s chief White House correspondent, who is also expecting her first child, a girl, made the announcement during Sunday’s Sunday Mail segment. After rousing ourselves, we heard Hallie ask, “Hallie, do you have any news for us this morning?” Geist questioned when he was uncertain. “We are really happy,” Jackson gushed.

Jackson first teased her “very special surprise” on Saturday, encouraging her admirers to check back on Sunday for the full reveal. On Sunday, Jackson stated, “I feel wonderful, but a lot of tiredness.” Her April pregnancy announcement of a daughter thrilled everyone.

Jackson is all set to take on the responsibilities of motherhood. After all, she’s a pro at picking out the best foods for babies, both nutritionally and flavor-wise. In an interview last year, Jackson revealed that she carries pouches of pureed baby food with her whenever she travels to make sure she gets enough of the right foods.

Her go-to pantry staples include spinach, apples, and kale. Jackson responded, “I don’t have any difficulties with them, whatever many ounces they are,” when asked if she had problems with the TSA.

She did, however, receive some amusing looks from the security personnel due to the fact that she does not have a kid. But you don’t have a kid with you, the TSA agent said. When my assumptions were confirmed, I said, “I know, they’re for me.”

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Hallie Jackson, along with her husband and growing baby bump, is introduced.

Hallie Jackson, along with her husband and growing baby bump, is introduced.

Hallie Jackson is currently single. Frank Thorp, a reporter, and producer for NBC News is her significant other. Hallie and Frank have been an item since the new year. The alumna of Johns Hopkins University explains. She used Instagram to talk about her relationship with him.

On August 18, 2019, she shared a photo online, saying she took it of Frank. Since 2010, Frank has been a part of the NBC family. He first sent updates on events in Haiti to the Atlanta and New York bureaus of NBC News.

Hallie Jackson’s Wedding: More Information

Hallie Jackson and Doug Hitchner tied the knot in 2011. Few details about the pair are available. There were many witnesses at the wedding, including their loved ones. However, at the present time, they remain apart.

Although the reasons for their breakup between Hallie and Doug are unknown, the two were sweethearts in college. Hallie and her partner, Frank Thorp, already have a child. They haven’t tied the knot yet, but they’re content in their relationship.

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The Married Life Of Hallie Jackson And Her Husband Are Analyzed

The Married Life Of Hallie Jackson And Her Husband Are Analyzed

According to sources, the Johns Hopkins University alumnus and the baby’s father, Thorp, have been dating since early 2019. They started exchanging images together and she started mentioning him in her Instagram posts.

Visiting one point, she posted a selfie of herself at Palazzo Bernardini in Florence, Italy, while dressed in a yellow outfit and a grey hat. She claims her current boyfriend took the picture she uploaded on August 18th, 2019.

Since 2010, Thorp has been a part of the NBC staff. He first sent updates on events in Haiti to the Atlanta and New York bureaus of NBC News.

Before coming back to his current post as a producer and off-air reporter, he worked as a producer and off-air reporter for the House of Representatives. The relationship between Jackson and Thorp has not yet resulted in marriage.

Nonetheless, they are relishing every moment of being parents to their little girl. The NBC newscaster’s ex-husband is Doug Hitchner. There were reports of a wedding between the two in front of family and friends in 2011.

But she kept her private life and her marriage to Hitchner apart. Therefore, the circumstances surrounding the breakup of the purported college sweethearts are still unknown.

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