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On Tik Tok, What Does “NPC” Stand For? Comprehensive Instructions

TikTok has a new popular acronym to decipher every day. The use of acronyms, such as FNF and GRWM, is commonplace among artists on the short-form video app, as any user will attest. Because of the character limit, it’s a fantastic method of instantaneous communication.

New Player Character is the newest NPC abbreviation. Upon first hearing, most people associate NPC with computers. However, it has been said to have a highly specific connotation.

Since learning the vocabulary of the TikTok app is essential to grasping its contents, it is worthwhile to investigate the true meaning of NPC. For more information, read on.

When using TikTok, what does NPC stand for?

When using TikTok, what does NPC stand for?

You have to give it up to the app’s founders for their use of slang and acronyms in conversation. While the significance of some acronyms may be lost on some, those familiar with the gaming world should have no trouble understanding what NPC stands for.

The acronym NPC stands for “non-playable character” and is commonly used in video games. Non-Playable Characters are defined as “individuals who display the characteristics of being influenced by an external source when no such influence actually exists.”

To put it another way, if someone on TikTok calls you an NPC, it’s because you’re doing it inappropriately.

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A non-player character, or NPC for short, has significant importance in the TikTok app.

A non-playable character (NPC) in a video game is any non-player character (NPC) that exists in the game’s fictional world but is not controlled by the players. TikTok and other social media have popularised the term “NPC” to refer to users who don’t think for themselves or whose actions are predictable.

Several videos went viral with players acting out bizarre scenarios with complete strangers and captions like “telling NPCs strange things,” which is akin to how players interact with non-playable characters in video games.

You’ll hear this term most commonly in the context of a critique of someone’s behavior in a video. We’ve compiled a glossary of some of the app’s most common terms to help you out if any other jargon related to TikTok is leaving you scratching your head.

Learn the latest slang on TikTok, from BBL to Alow.

Learn the latest slang on TikTok, from BBL to Alow.

True, slang, acronyms, and short forms are significant components of social media, and it can be challenging for those who are not up to date to keep up with the latest developments if they do not use them regularly. If you want to fit in with the “in” crowd, you should know the following slang terms, as new ones are coined every day.

Exactly what do the /HJ and /J symbols imply on TikTok? A look at the jargon found in captions and how it’s used

The Turkish word above means “great” or “wow” and is used as an exclamation point at the beginning of a sentence. A great example of this slang is Abow. The dress is stunning. Bussin is slang for “delicious” and is most commonly used in reference to food. This pizza, for instance, is very popular right now.

DC is an abbreviation for “Dance Credit.” This abbreviation is used to honor the dance’s originator. This means “Do not interact,” in abbreviated form. This is the symbol used by Generation Z to indicate that a movie contains content that is inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

Documentation of Non-Adult Status (DNI) if you are under the age of 18. The acronym GOAT, which stands for “Great of all times,” is a popular one on the app. Particularly, Kim K. looks FANTASTIC on the cover.

NPC is comparable to the aforementioned, and it may be decoded by analyzing the numerous videos that people upload and share. Numerous subgenres use this acronym, and it has become the undisputed standard on TikTok.

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New Internet Slang NPCs Are All Over Tiktok.

TikTok, it goes without saying, is limitless in the range of its material. It includes not just cooking videos but also dance videos, lip sync videos, and other types of videos. Somewhat surprisingly, even bugs gain traction on the app. However, the one we’re referring to isn’t a bug but a trending acronym.

While this abbreviation has no meaning in context. Everyone wants to know what it means and why it’s becoming so popular. While most people are aware of its significance. Nonetheless, for the benefit of others who haven’t yet encountered this. The following is a summary of the information everyone needs to know.

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