Vanessa Angel Car Accident Video:

Vanessa Angel Car Accident Video: Car Crash Claims Lives of Actress Vanessa Angel and Her Husband.

It has been reported extremely tragically that Soap Opera star Vanessa Angel and her spouse Febri Andriansyah were killed in a car accident in East Java.

On Thursday, their SUV slammed into a police barrier at high speed, resulting in their instantaneous deaths. Since her fans learned the news, they have been hitting the pavement in an outpouring of sadness nobody saw coming.

To learn more about how one of their favorite celebrities died, read on. According to insider reports, the relevant agency released a statement explaining that the SUV was traveling at high speeds when it crashed, causing multiple fatal injuries and widespread property damage.

Their young boy, babysitter, and driver were all injured in the collision, but all three are expected to make a full recovery. However, the pair passed tragically, leaving everyone in shock but especially their loved ones who had never imagined such a tragedy.

Just who is this mysterious Vanessa Angel?

Vanessa Angel Car Accident Video:

27-years-old The late Venessa Angel was a multi-talented Indonesian fashion model, actress, and singer who captivated audiences with her many smash opera hits. However, she is no longer with us because she met with a tragic accident that proved fatal.

She entered the spotlight in 2008 with her role in Cinta Intan after being born on December 23 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The famed Indonesian businessman, actor, and model Febri Andriansyah was killed in a car accident and is no longer recognized by his former fans.

It has been reported that at 12:37 p.m. on the Jombang toll road, a high-speed motorist lost control and their Mitsubishi Pajero crashed into a concrete barrier at kilometer 674, forcing the occupants to make an untimely exit from this world.

When their vehicle collided with another, it was severely damaged and thrown 40 meters in a continuous motion. Messages of condolence and respect for him have flooded social media, particularly Twitter.

It’s because everyone is showing their support for the pair and sending up prayers for the injured to recover quickly.

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When asked, he confirmed, “It’s true that Vanessa and Bibi perished on the scene.”

Vanessa Angel Car Accident Video:

Milano revealed that Gala Sky Ardiansyah, Vanessa and Aunt’s one-year-and-three-month-old son, is presently hospitalized. The mishap apparently required him to need intensive care.

Because of his injuries, her son is receiving extensive medical care in the hospital. Invoke your faith in the almighty and pray that Gala Sky will be fine, he pleaded with his audience.

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