Who Is Janet Von Schmeling? Drake Bell Has a Son and Just Got Married, but He Can’t Seem to Avoid Legal Trouble.

Somebody seems to have found Josh Peck’s recent press tour for his book Happy People Are Annoying to be grating.

Peck’s ex-co-star on “Drake & Josh,” Drake Bell, is mentioned frequently in the memoir, and after Peck’s most recent interview, Bell’s wife, Janet Von Schmeling, reacted negatively to the book.

Peck, who had previously hurt his former co-star by not inviting him to his wedding, discussed their 2017 VMAs reunion on the “BFFs” podcast this week.

Peck recalled meeting the musician at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, saying, “I see him there and he sees me.” “I went up to him and said, ‘Go apologize to my wife right now,’ which might have been the most “Sopranos” thing I’ve ever done.

He immediately went to apologize to my wife, and I watched the entire five minutes. After hearing what Peck had to say, von Schmeling would not keep quiet.

Say it with me now: “Josh Peck is a complete jackass. “I don’t speak up until lies are exposed,” she wrote on Instagram. Even more importantly, I was sitting right next to Drake at the Video Music Awards.

It was I who warned him that Josh would soon be walking up to us carrying a camera. I overheard the whole thing firsthand. It’s quite funny that Josh never actually threatened Drake. I don’t think you’re tough, bro.

In other words, DRAKE BELL has a child.


The actor, age 35, rushed to Twitter on June 29 to share the news that he is married and the father of a child.

The Drake & Josh actor tweeted in Spanish, saying:

“Contrary to numerous false rumors, my husband and I have been happily married for nearly three years, and we are the proud parents of a great son. I’d want to extend my gratitude to my devoted followers everywhere for their good wishes.

Since he announced his new name, Drake Campana, in November 2020, the actor has been tweeting in Spanish.

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Ask Janet Von Schmeling: Who Is She?

Based on her credits on IMDB, Janet is both an actress and a producer. Her role as Tawny in the 2017 Netflix original series Painting Autumn was her breakout role. Two episodes feature Drake Bell, who is also listed.

More of Janet’s acting credentials, such as 2016’s TV movie Just Jenna and 2017’s video series BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories, are included on the site (2015).

Page Six also notes that she is employed by the PR firm Decibel Media Group.

It can be seen that Drake Bell is one of their clients in the ‘Projects’ section of the website. Some of Bell’s music videos are linked to the site.

By Janet Von Schmeling Birthday and Relative Age

Janet Von Schmeling is a 27-year-old American actress, model, entrepreneur, producer, and manager. Florida, USA is the location of her 1 June 1994 birth. Janet Schmeling and Janet Von Schmeling are two of her aliases.

Gemini is her star sign. She is both Christian and Caucasian. American actor Drake Bell, whom she is married to, is a household name. Nonetheless, it was only when she wed him that she became widely known.

She has two half-siblings from her dad’s first marriage, and they all live apart because of the divorce. Her parents are both professionals; her mom does hair and her dad sells houses.

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Profession of Janet Von Schmeling


The young Janet Von Schmeling has already established herself in the business world. She began appearing in commercials for theme parks like Disney and Sea World when she was just four years old.

Janet has appeared in over 18 advertisements for many companies, including State Farm Insurance, Comcast Cable, etc. It was in the 2015 film “The Greys” that she made her acting debut, playing the part of young actor Lane.

From then, she became a model for companies like Vans and Converse.

In the web film “Just Jenna,” she also demonstrated her acting chops. Assuming a cost of $7,000,000 in 2016. Critics throughout the world praised the film, using phrases like “mind-blowing” and “this one will blow your mind” while praising the film’s story.

She went on to star in a slew of TV shows and movies, including “Fox Pointe” (2017), “Stree Ships” (2018), “Sorry for Your Loss” (2019), and many others.

She has made guest appearances on a number of TV programs, including “BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories,” “Enigma” (a miniseries), and others.

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