These 10 Tips Will Make Your Computer Run Like Lightning

10 super useful hacks to make your laptop run faster

I’ve spent the last several years working as a Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, and Help Desk professional in various companies, during which time I’ve written extensively about and learned many ways to improve the performance of not only my PC but also of the many PCs on my networks, which have ranged in Windows version from Windows 98 to Windows 10.

In this piece, I plan to collect all the tips and strategies I’ve tried to squeeze every last drop of performance out of a sluggish computer. Some of these tricks can speed up your computer regardless of whether you’re using an old PC or the latest and best in technology.

Please be aware that I have already written about many of these performance suggestions previously, and I will be linking back to those articles throughout this one.

If I haven’t covered the topic myself, I will include a link to a related piece on one of my other go-to websites. In no particular order, I simply wrote these down in my head.

Please share any other tips and tricks for improving performance that I may have missed. Enjoy!

Therefore, we have compiled a few tips to help you maintain your laptop in order to get the most out of it and ensure its optimal performance.

10 super useful hacks to make your laptop run faster

  • Delete all unnecessary programs (sometimes known as “bloatware”).

Bloatware refers to any unnecessary or unnecessary software that comes installed on a computer before use. Do you know how every time we get a new laptop, it comes preloaded with dozens of programs that nobody ever uses?

Those. Thus, it is recommended that you remove such programs so that you may make better use of the available storage space. Discover Here How to Disable Bloatware!

  • Metaltoad 2. Disinfect malicious software

Perhaps it goes without saying, but spyware is often bundled in with other forms of malware. And because spyware is concealed, nobody realizes that one of these is taking up unnecessary space. You should invest in a reputable anti-virus program like McAfee, Bitdefender, or Norton and scan your system frequently.

  • Turn off the auto-update feature

This won’t occur with every software upgrade. However, many programs are made to automatically update without your knowledge or consent.

The result may be an upgrade to a version of an app that is significantly larger in size and memory requirements, even though you rarely use it. Check out this article to find out how to stop receiving updates automatically.

  • Erase your online tracks.

Not the most ground-breaking advice, but do delete unused tabs from your browser. However, I will explain how to clear your history just in case you are unfamiliar with the process.

  • Five, adjust your mouse’s settings

The pace at which your mouse pointer moves can be increased, too, however, this is a matter of personal preference. That is if doing so increases your velocity.

  • Pin it! 6 Turn on the highest performance options for your power source.

If you want your system to work faster at the expense of increased energy consumption, make this change. To do this, open your computer’s power settings.

  •  Remove any USB devices that aren’t currently being used from your computer

10 super useful hacks to make your laptop run fasterThe time it takes for a computer to boot up and login is prolonged whenever a USB device is left plugged in.

  • Make use of a number of different folders

If you have entirely too many files stored in one place, try splitting them up over several different directories.

Read More: Life Hacks for Data Cable: The Best Methods for Organizing Your Wires (Now in 2022)

  • Laptop Magazine, Issue 9 Turn off Cortana in Windows if you never use it.

Again, if you’re not using it, delete it, disable it, or uninstall it.

  • Remove unnecessary files from your hard drive.

Most of the space is used up by temporary files, so feel free to get rid of anything that is no longer needed. To help you out, I’ve written out the steps below.


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