Stranger Things' Star Joseph Quinn Brushes Away Tears After Fan Thanks Him

‘Stranger Things’ Fans Brought Joseph Quinn to Tears After Security Yelled at Him for Speaking to Them

“Stranger Things” breakout Joseph Quinn broke down in tears at a recent engagement at London Film and Comic-Con.

The actor, who became an immediate fan favorite thanks to his performance as Hellfire Club leader Eddie on the fourth season of the Netflix series, couldn’t hold tears back after a fan rose up to thank him for spending his time with fans.

Reports circulated on social media during London Film and Comic Con that security harried Quinn for mingling with fans for too long while signing mementos (via BuzzFeed) (BuzzFeed).

The event reportedly oversold tickets to Quinn’s meet-and-greet, and hence intended to filter visitors in and out swiftly. Quinn apparently was conversing with his admirers for longer than security would have wanted.

“The way Joseph Quinn was handled at LFCC is fucking disgusting,” one attendee said on social media “Staff fully yelled at him to shut the fuck up and to just sign and not to mingle with fans [because] they oversold and couldn’t get all people seen.”

During a broader Q&A session with Quinn, one fan came up and said, “Mine’s not really a question, it’s just more an extension of thanks. A lot of us have heard of what happened yesterday, whether it’s real or not, about how you were handled.

I truly want to say, we’re incredibly happy that you’re sharing your time. Thank you for signing our items, for spending time with us, and for making our summer.”

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After Security Yelled at Him for Speaking to Them

Stranger Things' Star Joseph Quinn Brushes Away Tears After Fan Thanks Him

“I think we’ve all related to Eddie for one reason or another,” the admirer continued. “Whether we like his choice in music, or that he’s the outsider. I suppose all of us are a part of Eddie. We’ve journeyed far because we truly connected with you as well and you made our weekend.”

Quinn was seen crying due to the fan’s encouragement. The actor brushed away tears and said, “Why’d you do that?” “Stranger Things 4” is now streaming on Netflix. A video originally included with this post has been withdrawn

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