Clayton Echard Said He Will Never Do 'the Bachelor' Again After "trainwreck" Season

It’s No Secret that Clayton Echard Has No Intention of Returning to The Bachelor

It’s understandable that Clayton Echard would prefer not to return to the reality series. I can’t think of a single person who would want to return to a show that briefly made them social pariahs.

That’s exactly what happened to The Bachelor’s former star. After notoriously botching his fantasy suites to an unexpected degree, the Missourian didn’t make matters any easier on himself.

The season was “a trainwreck, honestly,” Clayton admitted to The Virginian Pilot recently when he was asked about it in an interview.

Even though he spent time with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, Clayton’s prospects with Suzie Evans were scuppered throughout his season. Even though Clayton’s tenure was remembered for its spectacular finale, his tenure was plagued from the first.

Almost no one wanted Clayton to be the Bachelor, as evidenced by a fake-mean tweets segment in which Clayton read fictitious comments regarding the true lack of interest in casting him. Despite initial reservations over his casting, his poor decision-making was immediately under criticism.

When Shanae Ankey openly insulted another contestant Elizabeth Corrigan for having ADHD, he decided to keep her around.

“My acts and the manner in which I was portrayed or seen on television made me feel ashamed and disgusted, and I had to accept the fact that my story was what was shown afterward,” Clayton added.

According to Clayton, this story does not accurately depict who he is. “That was difficult for me since I’m not truly like that. My character on the show didn’t reflect my true character, but I did those things and became that character as a result.”

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“Never, Ever” Do The Bachelor Again

Clayton Echard Said He Will Never Do 'the Bachelor' Again After "trainwreck" Season

Clayton Echard of The Bachelor was spotted waving to the crowd at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, on January 1

When it came to his handling of the other participants, Clayton’s season was no different. For example, in Week 1, a contestant named Salley had to leave early because she was upset about a failed engagement.

As Bustle reported, Clayton noted that the show didn’t feature a lot of dialogue between him and Salley, and he offered her a rose so that she wouldn’t have to “go into night one on edge.”

When Clayton told The Virginian Pilot that he couldn’t handle all of the negative attention, he was referring to both the show and himself. “It was incredibly hard for me to conquer the hatred by way of numbers,” he stated.

“I would have ignored it if it had been only a few messages. I might have been suspicious if there were hundreds of messages. In my case, the sheer volume of communications and the rapidity with which they arrived overwhelmed me.”

“Never, ever again,” he replied when questioned about his stint on The Bachelor.” In other words, it’s quite unlikely that he’ll return to the helm for another season at the earliest. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t be mentioned in future episodes of the television series.

In the early days of Gabby and Rachel’s Bachelorette season, Clayton, despite his departure from the show, was the focus of a few stray jokes.

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