Since Receiving a Cortisone Shot, Yankees Outfielder Gleyber Torres Has Been on A Tear.

Gleyber Torres Has Been on Tear Since Getting Cortisone Shot

Gleyber Torres knew going into his cortisone shot in his right wrist on June 27 that every swing might be painful. This is the second time in as many weeks that the Yankees’ second baseman has been given the freedom to swing freely.

As of Tuesday, Torres was hitting.412 (14-for-34) with a.987 OPS in his last eight games, including five multi-hit games, after starting the season 0-for-3 after receiving a cortisone shot.

Since his down years in 2020 and 2021, he has re-established himself as a danger in the Yankees’ lineup and has continued his comeback season.

Prior to the Yankees’ game against the Reds on Tuesday, Torres remarked, “Mentally, I know I can swing hard and not feel anything.” For me, right now, that’s a major deal…” “Right now, I’m feeling confident.”

Through 76 games, Torres had a batting average of.268 with 13 home runs and a career-high OPS-plus of 130, which was 30 percent higher than the league average.

At this point, Torres’ batting average is somewhat higher than it was during his first two seasons in the majors, in which he was an All-Star (122 in 2018 and 128 in 2019).

The American League All-Star Roster of Six Yankees

Gleyber Torres Has Been on Tear Since Getting Cortisone Shot

He may not be included in the American League All-Star roster of six Yankees, but manager Joe Girardi made a case on Tuesday for Torres.

Since obtaining a cortisone shot, Gleyber Torres has been on fire at the plate. In Aaron Boone’s opinion, he is a player who has received insufficient attention in the All-Star debate.

There were a lot of stories about other people, but not about him.” Like, dude, I’ve never seen him play so well and so well at second base in my entire life. As a defender, he’s done a tremendous job.

As a second baseman, Torres was tied for fifth among all second basemen and third in the American League in terms of Defensive Runs Saved, according to the Fielding Bible. He finished in fourth place in the AL All-Star fan voting at his position, behind the likes of Jose Altuve, Santiago Espinal, and Andres Gimenez.

Fans voted for Altuve to start at second base, but teammates chose Gimenez, a former New York Met, to serve as his backup.

In spite of the possibility that he might make the All-Star team as an injury replacement, Torres’ worth to the Yankees remains greater, especially with the wrist injury in his rearview mirror.

Cortisone injections had been a part of Torres’ treatment plan for a few weeks prior to the week leading up to the injection, during which he had a 2-for-22 batting average in seven games. He’s Been in Boone’s Starting Lineup in Seven of His Previous Eight Appearances.

In Contrast, Torres Has Returned Significantly Stronger

Gleyber Torres Has Been on Tear Since Getting Cortisone Shot

After hitting Torres second on Tuesday, Boone stated, “I love where he is at.” He’s been a lot more consistent and authoritative since he returned from those few days off.” But it’s just the same old thing. After a strong start, he’s continued to provide us with quality at-bats.

After a difficult 2020 and 2021, this production is extremely satisfying for Torres. During those two seasons, he had a batting average of.241. 4 percent below league average with 256 hits, 12 home runs, and an OPS-plus of 96. The Yankees attribute Torres’ recent surge in power and hits to his increased use of his lower half this season.

When Torres approached the plate, he added, “I truly feel confident every time I get there.” “I’m very proud of myself because the hard effort I put in throughout the offseason is paying off right now. Everything about the way we play is improving.”


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