Snapchat Hacks: Secrets & Amenities that You Have Probably Never Used Before

snapchat hacks

Because many of Snapchat’s best features are buried or otherwise not intuitive, we refer to this as “hacking” the app. Tint Brush, you have our attention. If you can master these techniques, though, you’ll be armed with a whole new set of resources to elevate your brand’s Snap presence.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enable hidden options that grant access to additional features and hidden functionality. Click on the links below to skip to the specific part you’re interested in, or keep scrolling to see the entire index.

Is it Possible to Access Someone Else’s Snapchat Without Knowing Their Password?

snapchat hacks

Snapchat is an instant messaging app for connecting with friends and family at the moment. It is, however, one of the most secure programs available.

The messaging app’s developers put in a lot of time and effort to make sure their users are safe and secure. Consequently, if you’d like to access another person’s Snapchat account, you’ll need to know that person’s email address and password.

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What mSpy is and how to use it to secretly access someone else’s Snapchat without their knowledge.

By installing the mSpy software on the target phone, you can effortlessly keep tabs on their Snapchat history from a distance. It’s a Snapchat tracker that also makes viewing sent, received, and deleted snaps a breeze.

There is no need to “root” or “jailbreak” your device. Using this app, you can access the GPS location, call histories, texts, and social media profiles of a targeted device.

Improve your Snapchat use with these easy strategies.


  • To access the menu, click the arrow.

By dividing the screen into nine squares, the grid feature in Snapchat allows users to create photos using the rule of thirds or by positioning their subjects in the center of the frame.

Take clearer selfies by either using the timer or focus mode to blur the background. You’re equipped with everything necessary for a respectable Snap.

  • Act casual and ecstatic.

Planning your Cameo Selfie or group shot composition? You may discover the optimal lighting by slowly turning around while staring up into your camera and holding out your phone to your good side.

Keep your head up and your shoulders back to give the impression of self-assurance. Instead of using a Snapchat Lens to artificially enlarge your eyes, try raising your eyebrows by a hair.

  • In order to save the picture, you just took

If you take a photo on Snapchat and realize too late that a finger is in the frame or there’s a smudge on the table, you can easily remove it using a feature that isn’t as well-known as some of the other editing tricks available.

The miraculous eraser that can undo any mistake. Instead of taking a new picture, you can simply remove the offending region by drawing over it after selecting the “scissors” and “stars” buttons to activate the magic eraser.

  • Or give your videos a mystical and dimensional twist.

If you use these Snapchat tricks, you may increase your visibility in Spotlight, where the app’s users scroll through the app’s best vertical videos in the style of the popular app TikTok.

  • Make a 3D painting and explore it from all angles.

To access Snapchat’s many filters, press the camera’s shutter button while holding down the happy face icon. These produce a wide range of visually striking 3D effects, including matte, metallic, rainbow, neon, and iridescent.

Choose a color and go to town, dotting and splattering to make a 3D painting that appears to be floating in midair in front of you. Adjust the size of your brush to paint fine details or broad strokes. You may change your vantage point by just moving your phone.

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  • Unlock special, one-time-only Snapchat Lenses

snapchat hacks

When you think you’ve seen it all, a brand-new, nifty-looking Lens pops up out of nowhere, leaving you to wonder how you can get your hands (or face) on it. The good news is, that I’ve compiled a list of three Snapchat tricks you can attempt.

Some people find that tapping the Snap again displays the Context Card. Snapcodes with a circular center can be scanned to gain access to time-sensitive Lenses.

As an alternative, you may ask a friend to try to share a Lens they have with you; to do so, they would need to tap the Snapchat camera screen to see their Lenses, then scroll to the one you wish to use.

If it can be shared, the user will see an I icon and have the option to “Send to Friends on Chat” if they tap the icon.


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