Shang-Chi: Does The Ten Rings Belong To Kang?

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The Marvel Universe is large and cohesive, but “Loki” and “Shang-Chi” have never been parallel. But do the ten rings come from Kang the Conqueror?

The films and series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are all related. But while some stories like “Loki” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home ” deal with the possibilities of the multiverse, others like “Hawkeye” or “Shang-Chi” seem relatively little concerned with the bigger picture – right?

A new theory links “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” with “Loki.” If you haven’t seen both, be warned about spoilers.

Marvel: Do the ten rings come from another universe?

In “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, “the superhero Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) and the ten rings are also introduced. These give the wearer supernatural powers and ensure eternal life. But where they come from is not clear.

In the post-credits scene, Shang-Chi meets Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). Together with Wong (Benedict Wong), they analyze the ten rings and discover that they are sending out a signal. Nobody knows where to go or why. In addition, the rings seem to be significantly older than a thousand years and to be made of unknown material.

One theory assumes that the Ten Rings came from another universe and were once a weapon of Kang the Conqueror, whom we first get to know in “Loki” under the name of The One Who Remains (Jonathan Majors).

This can be found in the fact that Wong explains that in Kamar Taj, it was felt that Shang-Chi was using the rings. Since he is in Ta Lo and thus in another dimension at the time, this suggests that the signal of the rings is cross-dimensional and cross-universe.

The Ten Rings and the Multiversal War.

The theory goes on to say that the Ten Rings belonged to a variant of Kang the Conqueror. The one who stays explains that kangas from all universes fought against each other in the multiversal war. That the remains could defeat and from which the different variants Multi versus a university make versus.

But he could have neglected to clean up thoroughly. The Ten Rings remain on planet Earth and are found by Wenwu (Tony Leung). Even if Kang comes from the future, it should not be forgotten at this point that the Multiversal War not only goes through space but also through time.

The rings send out signals intended to lure Kang the Conqueror from another dimension to earth. So Shang-Chi and his rounds will play a role again in “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quintumnia.” Because then it comes to the numerous appearances of Kang.

Gaps in the Marvel Theory.

A significant loophole in this theory is that it seems illogical that those who remain should leave such a powerful weapon of a dangerous variant on earth. Even if the only accurate timeline requires Wenwu to find such a powerful weapon, the One Who Remains could have created new rings for him as well.

In addition, Disney and Marvel will not necessarily expect moviegoers to have watched “Loki” and the other Disney + series, so the question of the origins of the rings will probably be clarified in a second “Shang-Chi” film.

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