Pregnant Rumer Willis Says She's Always 'Wanted to Be a Mom' (

Rumer Willis, Who Is Expecting a Child, Has Said that She Has “Always Wanted to Be a Mom.” As She Puts It, “For Me, There Was Never Any Doubt.”

Rumer Willis has always wanted to be a mother someday.

People have an exclusive look at Thursday’s episode of Peggy Rometo and Kimberly Van Der Beek’s podcast Bathroom Chronicles. The episode is sponsored by Poo-Pourri and was recorded in the bathroom cabin at the Van Der Beek ranch. In it, Willis talks openly about her pregnancy and how excited she is to be a mom.

Willis is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas. She says she has always wanted to be a mother.

“It’s one of those strange things that I know some people know so clearly, like, ‘Oh, I want to be a musician, I want this,’ but I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom,” she says. “And that just seemed like a divine plan and something that made me feel so happy when I thought about it.”

Willis says that she and Thomas recently talked about her becoming a parent, and she said that she “can’t wait” for the special times she and her baby will share.

“I was telling my partner the other day, ‘You know, when I go to the farmers market, I call it church because I leave feeling so happy,'” she says. “And the idea of being able to bring my kids in like a little cart or something makes me so happy I can’t even… I can’t wait.”

Willis also talks about her pregnancy and how she’s learned to stand up for herself.

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“It’s made me change so quickly. For example, I used to be so people-pleasing and wouldn’t stand up for myself over small things that would bother me,” she says. “I would say that maybe a week after I got pregnant, all of a sudden I was like, “No, no, that’s not going to work for me anymore.”

“I need to do this to change things and stand up for myself. It was like all of a sudden getting a new equation and a new puzzle “she tells you. “And I was running a different system.”

In December, the House Bunny actress and Thomas announced in a joint Instagram post that they are expecting their first child together.

In the first picture, the father-to-be put his hand on her stomach and kissed it while Willis smiled. In another picture, she stood near a window and showed off her pregnant shape. The set of pictures was finished off by a picture of a very happy Thomas.

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Demi Moore, who is Willis’s mom, shared the post on her own Instagram, already acting like a proud grandmother.

Moore wrote next to a picture of the couple, “Entering my hot, kooky, unhinged grandma era.”

She later wrote in the comments, “So happy for you, my love!”

Emma Heming Willis, who is married to Rumer’s father Bruce Willis, and the mother of her 8-year-old and 10-year-old sisters Evelyn and Mabel, also told the mom-to-be how happy she made her.

“The news of a baby is good news!!! Congratulations to @rumerwillis and @derekrichardthomas! We are so happy right now! 🐣, “she said in an Instagram post.

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