Matthew McConaughey's Son Levi Shows Off 'Surf Souvenirs' in New Photo

Levi McConaughey, Son of Matthew McConaughey, Poses for A Close-Up Photo with His “Surf Souvenirs.”

Matthew McConaughey‘s son Levi is 14 years old and loves to try new things.

In a new photo posted to the Dallas Buyers Club actor’s Instagram on Thursday, the young teen stands next to his neon-green surfboard while his dad proudly shows off some of his surfing injuries.
The actor, who is 53 years old, wrote, “Surf souvenirs,” next to the picture of his son’s back with bruises and bandages.

Many fans said the same good things, and one said, “We call them the tattooed brother of nature. This is great!” and “Meet new people and try new things!” Even things that are hard can be good.”

The Oscar winner is also the father of Livingston, who is 10 years old, and Vida, who is 13 years old. He and his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, have these two kids together.

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In a 2020 interview with PEOPLE, McConaughey says that being a father is “the only thing he’s ever wanted to be.”

“And it’s still the best thing I’ve ever done. Being a dad was always my only dream. … I can’t think of anything else that matters more, “he added.

As a father, he’s also happy to help his kids find their skills and passions.

At the time, he told PEOPLE: “Our youngest will come over and tell us, “Oh, I’m on chapter two…” Vida loves to paint and draw, and she’s a big fan of comic books. Most likely, it’s more music for Levi. He pretty much knew how to play the piano from the time he was born. In the last six months, he really got into listening to composers. Now, he can watch a movie and tell you, “Oh, that’s Hans Zimmer” or “That’s John Williams,” which is really cool.”

Matthew McConaughey's Son Levi Shows Off 'Surf Souvenirs' in New Photo

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In 2018, McConaughey told Today show host Savannah Guthrie that he and his wife have the same values when it comes to being parents. He joked that they “mix the “alright, alright, alright” into the discipline.”

He said that the couple “have a similar moral bottom line.” He also said, “If you have kids, every day they get older, you realize how much more it’s really in your DNA.”

“We can push them, guide them, and so on, but they are who they are. And right now, I’m happy to say that we have three healthy ones who are all very different “he added.

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