Lala Kent Claims That Ariana Madix is "Moving On" After The Split With Tom Sandoval!

Lala Kent Claims That Ariana Madix is “Moving On” After The Split With Tom Sandoval!

“Ariana is moving with the motion of the water,” remarked Kent of her co-star on Vanderpump Rules, Raquel Leviss, when she found out her boyfriend Tom Sandoval had been cheating on her with her. Ariana Madix just broke up with her partner of nine years, Tom Sandoval.

After he cheated on her with their mutual coworker, Raquel Leviss, Lala Kent is speaking up about how her coworker is doing following the breakup. In answering a question about Ariana Madix, 37, during an Amazon Live on Tuesday, Kent said she is “moving with the motion of the water” after the affair.

Jessica Walter, Kent’s assistant, remarked, “She is doing as well as can be expected,” and Kent confirmed that she had been in regular communication with Ariana. As expected, I make sure she was okay. When another viewer inquired as to whether or not Lala Kent was still in the studio with Sandoval and Leviss, Kent responded coyly: “keep tuned!”

Lala Kent Claims That Ariana Madix is "Moving On" After The Split With Tom Sandoval!

The reality star teases that her audience will learn whether or not she anticipated the affair became more strident. As Kent put it, “it feels fantastic to have everyone feel the same way” about the man he had previously stated he did not like.

“When the mask came off of He Whose Name We Must Not Say, let’s just say that everyone else’s did too. In this case, we have two individuals whose true selves are completely at odds with their public personas.”

In Los Angeles, where Tom Sandoval was performing with his band, Madix discovered an intimate FaceTime conversation recording and “inappropriate” communications between him and Leviss, 28, a week ago. ‘She was utterly blindsided by this,’ a source told, adding, ‘devastated doesn’t even scratch the surface of how she feels.

Lala Kent Claims That Ariana Madix is "Moving On" After The Split With Tom Sandoval!

“To her knowledge, this is the person she had always known and always intended to spend the rest of her life with. That kind of betrayal is beyond description.” According to sources, the couple had broken up by Friday afternoon.

Since then, both Sandoval and Leviss have issued statements in which they acknowledge fault and express regret to Madix. Season 10 has returned to the set as well, and can be seen on Bravo right now. On Monday, Andy Cohen announced that the reunion would be taped sometime in the next two weeks.

Mom-of-one Filming for season 10 of the Bravo series has resumed after the news of the alleged affair between Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, which Kent detailed. The return of cameras is something that has never happened on Vanderpump Rules, as Kent explained on her Amazon Live show on Tuesday.

Lala Kent Claims That Ariana Madix is "Moving On" After The Split With Tom Sandoval!

“Wrapping usually means that filming is complete and any post-production issues will be discussed at the next reunion. Obviously, this was not typical. We just got a call, so the cameras are going back up and we’re starting to shoot again.

So, I can’t offer you as much tea as I’d like to since we’re busy filming Season 10 and adding whatever it is we might add.” Kent said that she has been a “troll” on social media ever since the Scandal, as it has been termed, broke. I’m a little tired because my Instagram was on fire and I couldn’t stop posting because the troll was turned on, she joked.

Though Kent has been one of the most vocal, nearly every current or former Vanderpump Rules cast member has shown their support for Madix on social media. This includes Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, Lala Kent, Charli Burnett, James Kennedy, Jax Taylor, and even Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend, Kristen Doute.

In response to the revelation, Kent reduced the cost of her Levi’s cosmetics collaboration. Last year, they collaborated on an eyeshadow palette called “The Bambi Eyes B*tch Palette,” which was released by Kent’s beauty label Gave Them Lala Beauty. Kent’s nickname for Leviss on Vanderpump Rules served as inspiration for the palette’s moniker.

Kent posted a screenshot of the palette and the sale price of $42 on Saturday with the caption, “EVERYTHING MUST GO.” Kent vented her frustration on Tuesday when Leviss delivered a legal notice to her co-stars asking them not to disclose the details of her private FaceTime call with Sandoval.

Raquel, tell your little Mickey Mouse lawyer if he has material to send over, he can send things to my lawyer,” Kent said in an Instagram Story, obtained by Queens of Bravo, that he later deleted. Just have Darrell pick it up. Every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo airs Vanderpump Rules.

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