Protonvpn: Are You Sure It’s Reliable? [Full Report for 2022]

Virtual private networks (VPNs) were once a mystery but are now commonplace because they prevent your ISP (and others) from spying on your internet activity and make it more difficult for advertisers to track you.

The free version of Proton VPN, which is part of the wider Proton product range, is the most feature-rich of any VPN service we’ve tested. Its private email, storage, and calendar tools make its premium subscription a fantastic deal compared to other VPNs.

Despite this, it is the finest VPN we tested and an Editors’ Choice winner.

What is the Proton VPN price?


Proton rebranded all of its products with a pastel purple aesthetic and new pricing in May 2022. Customers who subscribed to Proton VPN (or Proton Mail) before the change will receive a free upgrade and continue to pay the same price they were before.

The new VPN subscriptions are of great value for anyone who already uses Proton VPN because they include access to premium Proton Mail services, storage on the cloud-based Proton Drive, and the Proton Calendar scheduling tool.

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Unlimited Bandwidth, No Logs, and Complete Privacy

Since we think that protecting one’s privacy and security should be a basic human right, we offer a free version of Proton VPN to everyone. Unlike some other free VPNs, this one doesn’t come with any strings attached.

Ads are not displayed, and your browsing history is not secretly sold. Users who opt to pay for Proton VPN help to cover the costs of the free service. Please consider switching to a paid plan with more speed and functionality if you care about protecting people’s privacy online.

It’s Very Simple to Use

Only regular and proper usage of even the best security tools will ensure your safety. Since we want you to use Proton VPN on a daily basis without any fuss, we spent a lot of time streamlining its user interface to make it as simple as possible.

A Virtual Private Network with Lightning-Fast Transfer Rates

Our proprietary VPN Accelerator technology suite, when used in conjunction with our 10 Gbps server network, may increase throughput by over 400%. We get unrivaled throughput and reliability from our connections thanks to a cutting-edge TCP flow management technique.

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Support for Multiple Platforms


Proton VPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even routers. Whether you’re on your home computer, your phone, or your desk at the office, you need to be able to trust your Internet connection to keep your data safe.

Proton VPN is available as a native app for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, Android TV, iOS, and iPad/iPhone.

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