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Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date: New updates!

The third season of Outer Banks is expected to be released this year or next year, and filming for the fourth season will begin in February of that year. Fans of Outer Banks have been anticipating the third season’s arrival ever since it was revealed in December of last year that it will premiere in December of 2021.

Fans have already seen the car chases, heists, and adventure for the riches in season 2, so they’re eager for more.

February 2022 is the target date for the commencement of filming.
For Outer Banks Season 3, production is scheduled to begin on February 16, 2022, and finish on August 19, 2022, according to a production list. Outer Banks Season 3 may be a few months away if the new Omicron COVID-19 virus variety does not interfere with filming. Here is a behind-the-scenes film of Season 2 of Outer Banks.

How did Season 3 of Outer Banks get the green light?

Outer Banks’ third season was picked up by Netflix on December 7th, 2022, after the show’s cast successfully campaigned for the renewal. This means that the main character of the show has been revealed, along with a potential release date for her. Season 4 and Season 5 of Outer Banks have already been revealed by the show’s producers in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2020.

As the show’s producers say, we’ll also be getting season 4 shortly, perhaps just after the third season of Outer Banks.

When might Season 3 be released?

The first season of Outer Banks premiered in 2020, while the second season was released just a year later. We may expect the next season to begin filming around the end of 2022 assuming the third season wraps up on schedule. We can expect Season 3 in November or December of 2022 assuming the show’s filming ends at that time.

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